nugget visual artist

Nugget is a North Carolina based multidisciplinary artist known for pushing the envelope of content and creative process. She has been a touring live painter for over 15 years . She does not shy away from implementing found and atypical materials. She enjoys collaborating with other talent to attempt things: styles and applications never done before . She constantly pushes herself and is always creating. The unique art environment she’s created at 11oh9 allows her to have multiple ongoing and large-scale projects underway with unfettered access to them all. Creative inspiration cannot be scheduled, and visitors to 11oh9 find the art happening all around them to be very inspirational.

Nugget is the creator of over 20 large scale murals in the us. She is an active member of the board for the Carolina beach mural project, as well as the downtown business alliance. Her clients include Lowe’s, Novant Health, and Embassy Suites along with many other businesses and private patrons. She is the founder of the growing Art by Nugget brand, of 11oh9 gallery and a very involved/present figure in the art scene, with a passion for creating indiscriminate opportunities for artists/associations to become prosperous. She was a Wilma magazine women to watch awards finalist in the arts category and a recipient of the wilmington arts council artist support grant this year. She thinks of fashion as a wearable art form and finds radical self-expression enthralling. It really lights her up to see her confidence an unapologetic authenticity inspire others to be their best, foxiezst selves as well!

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