Big Something has been rocking the Mountain Music Festival stage every year we’ve had the event since 2014. It’s always a pleasure to welcome them back to the mountaintop and they always put on one hell of a show. As we reflect on 10 year’s of Big Something playing MMFest we wanted to ask the band a few questions and see what highlights they have from a decade of playing this festival. Check it out.

What are some of your highlights after 10 years of Mountain Music Festival?

Ben: There seems to be a new one every year, but getting to do a joint set with Yo Mamas Big Fat Booty Band was definitely awesome, I think that was the 2nd or 3rd year we played?

Nick: There have been some pretty awesome sit ins over the years – Jake from Umphreys and Cory Wong were 2 of my favorites. Also band rafting trips!

What do you remember about the first Mountain Music Festival in 2014?

Ben: I definitely remember thinking “I hope they keep doing this because this is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been” The water park and getting to whitewater raft was amazing, the hospitality was also so awesome. (And continues to be every year)

Nick: I remember the first phone call I had with Charlie Hatcher inviting us to come play. He said something along the lines of “I don’t know what kind of festivals you usually play but around here we’ve got 1,500 acres of party” And he was right. There’s so much to do at ACE. My favorite memories from the first year were hanging late night at the Strange Stage and also the morning kickball game.

What is the biggest change in your performances over those 10 years?

Ben: well first of all we get to play at night now! I think the first year we played at 1pm so getting to be able to close down the festival with a big late night set has been a pretty epic progression in my opinion. I’m just so glad Charlie and everyone else involved liked us and trusted us enough to keep bringing us back and let us try to step our game up year after year!

What do you look forward to every year at MMFest?

Nick: Sghetti with Charlie Hatcher. Hanging in the magical mountains of West Virginia with wonderful people.

Ben: Tudors Biscuit World

Tell us about the time the band went whitewater rafting together.

Nick: Thankfully ACE has some amazing raft guides. Zack Benjamin kept us all in line. Only a few of us fell off the raft but it was a great time and a beautiful day on the river.

Who in the band has the most fun every year at MMFest?

Nick: Charlie Hatcher

What keeps you coming back to this festival year after year?

Ben: Well the fact that you guys keep asking definitely helps, but honestly I think that because wall to wall from production to location to hospitality to staff; everything is just done so thoughtfully here. It’s truly such a great turn-key experience for us.

What do you have in store for MMFest fans in 2024?

Ben: A big ol’ sack of rock n roll!

Nick: Possibly some new music!

If you could sum up the Mountain Music Festival experience in one word what would it be?

Ben: Beautiful.

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The WhatFam definitely shows up and knows how to get wild and wonderful in West Virginia. Big Something has had some incredible sets over the years including a mashup set with Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band and sit ins with artists like Cory Wong, Kanika Moore and Jake from Unphrey’s McGee. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the mountaintop for 2024. Tickets are on sale now for this epic start to summer at ACE Adventure Resort May 31st – June 1st. See you on the mountain!

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