Festival Workshops

tara caldwell plant hikes and community garden workshop at mountain music festival

Tara Caldwell

Mountain Mystery Magic Garden 
Grow your Mountain Music Festival experience participating with plants. We share haunting tales and folklore of plants found on the mountain as well as a plant for you to grow in your magic garden. 

Festival First Aid
Discover plant remedies that will aid you in the relief of common woes that can accompany a festival, like bug bites, blisters, and burns. Learn some insider tips to stay at peak festival performance while crafting a ritual foot bath. 

candace evans new river yoga workshops at mountain music festival

Candace Evans

Join Candace (also an avid live music lover) for this fun all levels Vinyasa class. This class is an all bodies are welcome, heart centered, breath driven, foundation rooted, alignment detailed practice that will leave your mind in check, strengthen and lengthen the muscles in the body, as well as, align your whole complete self with the universal around you. This will be a slower, deliberate, compassionate, several breath in each pose kinda practice. Leave your ego aside and join us to move your body. This practice will leave you “yoga stoned” and ready for more dancing and fun at Mountain Music Fest! Excited to see you on the Mountain.

candace evans new river yoga workshops at mountain music festival

Maria Ekaterina

Silk Fan Workshop

We invite you to join in learning basic & intermediate moves with silk fans. 10 Silk fans will be provided for anyone interested in learning this incredible skill. The workshop will include small stretches, on-the-spot tricks to try, Q&A From attendees to instructor & a few body & prop moves to try at home. We hope you join us for 1 hour of pure fluid fun.

candace evans new river yoga workshops at mountain music festival

Kens Flow

Sound & Movement Medicine

Join us for an anatomically aligned, authentic practice that will anchor you in the peace of the present moment. This workshop includes an all-levels Vinyasa yoga flow, complete with a sound bath at the end!

candace evans new river yoga workshops at mountain music festival

Aranea Aerials

Aerial Silks

Attending MMFest and looking for new experiences? Come try out aerial silks! In this workshop, we will explore the foundations of aerial silks, giving participants a feel for what it is like to dance in the air. Be prepared to get a good stretch in, spin around, and strike a pose! Participants should wear comfortable clothing with no hard points (like zippers or buttons). Jewelry will have to come off before you get on the silks, so consider leaving your adornments at camp for this workshop.

candace evans new river yoga workshops at mountain music festival


Collaborative Ecstatic Painting

Join us on our synergetic journey with optional card pulling, tea, or cacoa. Together, we will create the sacred space where we are safe to surrender our movement to the inner knowing of our dinive nature. With paint on our hands and feet, and a raw piece of canvas beneath us, we allow our ecstatic movement to paint our grand collaboration. Moving to, and embracing, the call of our inner wild. As we honor our own unique flow, we allow judgment and fear to be transmuted through the medicine of movement.

ahlee dawson indo board workshops

Ahlee Dawson

Indo Fun 101
Learn how to “rolla bolla” – we are going to challenge your balancing skills! We will introduce students to “Indo Board”-style rolla bollas of several different shapes, sizes, weights and colors. Participants are paired up with a “safety buddy” for the entire workshop – so prepare to make friends (or bring a friend)! We will cover:
-how to be a safety buddy & safely practice at home without one
-proper stance
-controlled movements
-strength building exercises
– 3-5 basic tricks

The Indo Corner
Test your balance skills with Indo Board rolla bollas under the safe supervision Ms. Ahlee Dee the Indo Board Ninja herself! Ahlee will guide you, as you learn how to balance safely and with control! Prepare to get a work out because this equilateral exercise stimulates your core AND stabilizer muscles! All skill levels are welcome and both beginners and masters alike will have a safety buddy to challenge them and encourage them as they grow. Maximum fun guaranteed!

greenbrier valley brewing company wild trail pale ale sasquatch

Pat Anglin

Painting Your Soul Full of Color

All skill levels welcomed I want to give a little color theory a very little inspirational talk on flow and how to tap into the sub conscious while letting the brush dance sporadically.

zach thayer mountain music festival workshop presenter

Grace Love

Cacao & Chakras Ecstatic Dance

Medicine music DJ set with sound healing, chakra affirmations and ceremonial cacao drink.

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Shannon Shine

Let Your Personality Shine Through Your Artistic Brand

Shannon Shine Shannon Shine discusses the power of owning your artistic magic and investing in your creative character. Who are you as an artist? How do you want the world to remember your artistic legacy? What are you doing to spread the message behind your artistic journey? Dive into the vision of your artistic character and let the world get to know the messages behind the visions you’ve created. We will also discuss a touch of social media marketing and intention setting to create the audience you deserve. Shannon is not only an artist but also co-founder of Bring Me 2 Life Network and Shine Time Studios, a podcaster, musician, author, and community builder that wants to help artists share their work through various platforms and audiences. Find out more at www.ShantasticShine.com or www.BringMe2Life.com

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Lindsay Jamison

Chakra Mandala Meditation

Chakras are spinning energy vortexes within the subtle energy body that influence you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In this exploratory workshop, learn a simple set of mantra meditation techniques to activate, cleanse and balance your chakras. While chanting the energizing mantras, we will intuitively draw a mandala to connect to the current energy of each chakra. Discover how to activate, cleanse and balance your chakras with intention, sound, mantra meditation, and creative expression as a tool for inner growth and personal development.

create your state lori Mckinney mountain music festival workshop presenter


Hooping through Space & Time

In this class we will learn to utilize all the space around us while we are hoop dancing! We will explore taking the hoop high, low, wide and close. As well as play with going fast and slow. Please come get creative and take up space with your favorite hoop or borrow one of ours. All levels welcome!

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter


Paint the Roses Red

Join us for craft time and create your own tissue flowers to decorate to your liking. Add your flower to the wall of roses, keep it, or give it away!

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter


Love Rocks

Spread some love and inspiration while channeling your creativity with this rock painting workshop! Keep your creation for yourself or leave it around the festival site to spread some love. We will have rocks and paint but feel free to bring your own stone if you find one you like!

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter


Yoga & Affirmations

Let’s become a little less mad here with some yoga flow and gratitude! Take a moment from the flurry of festival activity to refresh. We will flow through some movements to stretch the body and be guided through some affirmations to put your head in a positive light.

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Michael Fisher

Mindful Living

Join Exercise Physiologist Michael Fisher in this workshop which will introduce participants to the practices of mindfulness, breathing, and relaxation. Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to the present moment without judgment. Breathing exercises will be taught to help participants focus on the present and release tension. Body awareness focus practices will be taught to help participants become more aware of their physical sensations and release physical tension. The workshop will conclude with a guided mindfulness and relaxation practice to help participants integrate what they have learned.

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Victoria Chesterfield

Herbalism: Remembering Rosemary

Join us for an herbal workshop where we will get to know a very common culinary and traditional medicinal herb, Rosemary. We will learn about the herbal energetics, medicinal actions, and planetary /astrological correspondences of Rosemary while touching on the traditional uses of Rosemary. Participants will be guided through a plant spirit meditation to connect with the psycho-spiritual medicine of Rosemary. There will be limited Herbal Monograph Hand-outs for participants in this workshop, so bringing a notebook for note taking is recommended!

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Nina Casto

Elemental Sound Journey

Join Nina Casto a 500-RYT, LMT, and owner of The Folded Leaf Yoga and Wellness Center for an Elemental Sound Journey. This Sound Bath will include the use of drums, a gong, Native flute, tibetan and crystal bowls, chimes, harmonium, tuning forks, and more!! Using these instruments, Nina creates a unique soundscape taking you on an immersion through the healing sounds of nature. By using rhythm and frequency with healing sound, we can entrain our brainwaves and make it possible to down-shift from our normal beta state into a more relaxed state; shifting out of sympathetic response and moving.

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Wild Rose Elixir Bar & Tea Lounge

Sagittarius Full Moon Women’s Circle

All who identify as woman are invited to gather in circle with us under
the Sagittarius Full Moon. We will cast a circle to ground, meditate, and
dive into the current themes of the astrological placements and how that relates to us so we can harness the energies of Gemini {Sun} & Sagittarius {Moon}. It will be a safe space to be with other women, express yourself, meditate, and tap into your creative center. Tea will be served for the circle and we will be guided through breathwork and meditation.

Kundalini Breathwork & Meditation

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Adam May of Matrix Fire Safety LLC

Fire Performer Safety Workshop

This class teaches fire spinning enthusiasts how to perform this art form safely. Participants will learn about fire safety, fuel safety, and how to minimize the risk of injury or property damage while spinning with fire.

Campsite Fire Safety

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

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Check out the full schedule for these free workshops happening Friday & Saturday during Mountain Music Festival.

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