Festival Workshops

tara caldwell plant hikes and community garden workshop at mountain music festival

Tara Caldwell

Hair Braiding Circle
Join us for a hair braiding circle, a wonderful community gathering where we’ll not only practice the art of the three-strand braid, but also connect deeply as we share our personal experiences. This meaningful gesture serves as a gateway to forge bonds and create a sense of belonging. Let’s come together and celebrate the beauty of connection!

Reading of Shel Silverstein’s Book, The Giving Tree
Come join us for a special reading of Shel Silverstein’s ‘The Giving Tree’ followed by a short lesson on how trees play a crucial role in building a better world. We’ll also have trees available for adoption, so you can make a positive impact on your community and the environment. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn, connect, and make a difference!

candace evans new river yoga workshops at mountain music festival

Candace Evans

Join Candace (also an avid live music lover) for this fun all levels Vinyasa class. This class is an all bodies are welcome, heart centered, breath driven, foundation rooted, alignment detailed practice that will leave your mind in check, strengthen and lengthen the muscles in the body, as well as, align your whole complete self with the universal around you. This will be a slower, deliberate, compassionate, several breath in each pose kinda practice. Leave your ego aside and join us to move your body. This practice will leave you “yoga stoned” and ready for more dancing and fun at Mountain Music Fest! Excited to see you on the Mountain.

candace evans new river yoga workshops at mountain music festival

Kens Flow

Intro To Hoop Dance

Hop into the world of hooping! This beginner-level workshop introduces you to the art of Hoop Dance with step-by-step instructions for fundamental prop-manipulation skills like isolations, weaves, & rolls. Then we put it all together with plenty of time to jam and find your own flow!

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Lindsay Jamison

Sacred Art Circle

Connect to the sacredness of life with intention, creativity and imagination. Join us in a ritual container to connect with your compassionate helping spirits for guidance, wisdom and healing. We will use the sound of drums, rattles and guided meditation, altering your brainwaves to enter a shamanic state of consciousness. After, we will move into an intuitive writing and art practice to process the information and lessons we obtained for integration. Learn how to create sacred space, connect to the realm of spirit and dive deeper into developing your own intuitive, creative practice for inner-transformation and growth.

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter


Activate the Flow State & Soul Cards Art

Join Katelyn Buchan on a discussion about the flow state, ways to access it & channel through meditation. We will discuss the physiological effects of how the flow state has a positive impact on our sympathetic nervous system and grounding tools to ease anxiousness. If you experience a hard time meditating, this workshop is for you! Katelyn will guide you through a sound activation with a musical instrument creating a container to activate the flow state naturally through vibrations. Ending meditation, will go into a soul card, expressive art response using watercolor & creating our own story as you are facilitated through the process of reflection.

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Matthew Brinker

Analog ——> Digital

Aimed at artists, Matt will be discussing ideas and strategies to help grow a digital presence and get more eyeballs on your work with unique and sustainable techniques and practices to help you stand out in today’s fast paced world. Everything is content for you to capture and share with your audience and that in itself can be overwhelming, but cutting the friction and making it fun helps keep everybody motivated and creating more and more We will discuss social media, marketing, photo, video, all things digital, business, and much more Matt will be available for a question and answer session after the presentation to discuss more specific wants and needs.

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Sarah Heist

Let’s Play Theatre Games!

A short introduction into improv followed by some raucous fun! Be prepared to move around & play!

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Marissa Ansaroff

Beginner Slackline Workshop

Join Marissa who is a ISA Certified Level C Slackline Instructor in this beginner workshop. We will be teaching the basics of slacklining on a 1 inch line. Stick around after the workshop for “SlackJam” which is a jam session to practice newly learned skills and provide an area for people to hang out.

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

Dragoonis Flame

Daily Fire Safety Meeting

If you would like to participate in the open fire circle you MUST attend this daily safety meeting. It will take place both Friday and Saturday at 1PM at the fire circle.

silver arrow art mountain music festival workshop presenter

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Check out the full schedule for these free workshops happening Friday & Saturday during Mountain Music Festival.

Festival Info For This Weekend

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Just Released Stage Schedule 2024

Mountain Music Festival features three days of music and adventure set in the beautiful New River Gorge of West Virginia. Featuring over live music, visual artists, fire performers, flow artists, vendors and more. Plus ACE Adventure Resort is hosting whitewater...

Flow On The Mountain

We are super excited to present the Mountain Music Festival 2024 Flow Performance Team. Find them performing on the painted box platforms at the Main Stage Friday and Saturday nights. Their skills in dance, balance, coordination and presentation bring a special magic...

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