Pluto Gang

pluto gang band press photo in front of wooden fence

Pluto Gang — Brennan Beck [vocals], Dillon Crawford [guitar, vocals], Wood Britton [guitar], Joe May [keys, vocals], Pat Rogers [bass], Wilson Smith [drums] — brews a blend of high-energy jam soul, crafted in the Carolinas and steeped in irreverence. The young sextet straddles the line between soul funk, driven by a lead vocalist, and the jam band scene, with tandem lead guitarists driving a fast-paced roller coaster of improvisational movement.
After reaching orbit in the summer of 2019, unifying around a catalog of original music, the band made their studio debut a short 6 months later, with the release of “Moggy Oxvine”, recorded in keyboardist Joe May’s apartment bedroom. That spring, while their freshman tour was in full swing, the band’s plan to hand-deliver their lighthearted live show to the southeast was stifled by the global pandemic. In response, Pluto Gang took to the mountains of North Carolina and tucked away in a cabin, where following a stay marked with carefree tomfoolery, their debut album “Better Out Here” was born. With that out to the world, the band revels in the opportunity to share their songs in their intended medium: live and out loud. Pluto Gang shows weave seamlessly in and out of songs, include unrelenting jams, and carry with them a fun-loving aura. If anything is guaranteed, it’s a good time.

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