Born on the banks of the Ohio River and growing up in the foothills of Appalachia, Maggie is a refreshing blend of grit and modern, alternative Americana. Combining folk rock roots with an innovative ambiance, their sound is truly authentic. Driving drum beats set to slide guitar riffs, and then couple that with gritty banjo picking, these songs come to life. Each is more of a poem set to music that paints a picture, rather than just a song. Every lyric is carefully crafted to connect and resonate with the audience. The organic response to the music is tangible.

Maggie started out as a Southern Ohio based, acoustic three piece, but has grown to five with its current members stretching across the river into West Virginia. Catch them this summer and fall as they continue to book more shows. Also, the band is currently in the studio working, so keep an eye out for songs as they are released to the public. This dynamic, up and coming group is focused on telling a story, and it’s a story worth listening to.

Maggie band live shot



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