Logan Halstead

logan halstead singing on stage

At only 17 years old, Logan hails from Boone County, West Virginia – home ofJesco White, coal mines, and…not much else. He’s got a sound and songwritingability that’s eerily reminiscent of guys like Tyler Childers andZachBryan, in thebest possible way.

After doing a session with RadioWV, Halstead’s song “Dark Black Coal,” ahaunting look at life for many who work in the coal mines of southern WestVirginia, has already racked up almost half a million views on YouTube.

And he talked about that song with our friends over atHippies and Cowboys:

“Man, I wrote that song just based on my experience growin’ up in theseparts. You know what I mean? Growing up here, you really do feel trappedsometimes. You feel like there’s no escape.

Like you don’t have nothin’ but coal mines and drugs. You have to drive 30miles if you want to work at a damn Kroger or something like that. There’s nothing here. So the coal mine is all we got.

It’s a love/hate relationship with the mines, it really is. That song is really about that experience growing up, that trapped feeling.”

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