Kosmic Kev

ashton hill visual artist

Born Jan 18, 1986 in Portsmouth, Va.

I am a legally blind, multi-media artist, specializing in micro-scrunch muraling, and dye art from Dunn, NC. I have been innovating and mastering my craft for a decade vending at festivals and gatherings as Squeezable Jam Artisan Tie Dye.

I am continually trying to raise the bar of what is possible in this medium.

I am also colorblind due to cone rod dystrophy in both of my eyes, which creates a blind spot in the center of my vision surrounded by a blurriness throughout. I am trying to get as much art out of me before my vision loss progresses further.

I have been arting my whole life. Art was my career pathway in high school. Some of my earliest creative memories are of me drawing my own characters in the style of Beavis and Butthead in my notebook in the first grade.

A couple of years ago, I started turning other artists into tie dyers, in the first ever cross- media collaboration of its kind, with Bryan Stacy. Bryan drew his design onto a piece of fabric, and we dyed it together live. Creating art live is my favorite thing to do, and I look forward to turning more artists into live tie dye muralists…

I was recently featured in a tie dye documentary about the first live tie dye competition called Dye Hard on YouTube and TubiTv, and I was just interviewed for another documentary about blind and visually impaired artists.

The first tie dye artist to be billed as a visual artist on the festival circuit , and I am currently getting my Bachelors in Fine Arts in Visual Arts.


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