Kindred Valley

andy frasco

Indie folk band Kindred Valley started when three friends with a passion for music met at Marshall University in 2020. Initially under the name Back Row Baptists, Blake Lacy, Noah Freeman and Brett McCoy met in Huntington, West Virginia, and began writing and recording music together. The band released its first singles as a trio but found its footing in 2021 with three new members – Husband and Wife Rachael and Jadon Hayes and Kaden Salmons. 

After almost two years of creative efforts, the group released its self-titled debut album at the end of 2022, and a new single “Thin Ice” at the end of 2023. The album contains remastered versions of some of the band’s first singles and new music that showcases Kindred Valley is still connected to their Appalachian roots while casting a bold vision for their future.

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