Grace Statwick

ashton hill visual artist

Raised in Springfield, Missouri, Grace grew up drawing and painting and dreamed of being a ‘professional artist’ someday. She graduated from Vassar College with a film degree and set construction experience from working for the school’s incredible drama department. She proceeded to work in prop and set construction for film, and then as a sculptor for Bass Pro Shops, building waterfalls and trees and traveling across the country. She soon grew disillusioned with corporate art and the excessive waste inherent to traditional filmmaking. She moved to Busan, South Korea to teach English, where she began to exhibit art in earnest with a group called The Exotic Beasts. After a few more years of artist residencies and building projects in the States, she returned to the States to find and build community. After spending a pandemic year and a half building her painting business at Dancing Rabbit ecovillage in rural Missouri, she is currently moving to Twin Oaks community in rural Virginia.

She paints her collectors’ dreams and dreamscapes. And cats, she paints cats. She incorporates portraits of her collectors into imaginative landscapes. She provides portals, for your wall, into places where wondrous things happen. Her paintings reflect her background in cinema and theater, with an eye for both composition and storytelling. They are realistic but fantastic and they feel a little magical. They energize a room.

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