Fletcher’s Grove

Fletcher’s Grove is in their 11th year of making/playing music with 3 original members still active. Their music ranges from roots of danceable face melting Funk/Jam to a more lyrically driven Americana/Bluegrass/Alt-Country sound the band has grown into as they’ve matured musically. Covers range from The Band to Nelly to White Zombie to Grateful Dead, but the tempo of the night is full of high octane dance tunes on an average.

Since their inception in 2009 the band has recorded a live album and 5 studio albums, including a new acoustic released in April of 2019. Fletcher’s Grove has toured extensively up and down the East coast, has made major ground in the Midwest, and has made it as far West as Colorado. The band has averaged over 100 shows in most of their years touring. The band has been featured on All Good, Summer Camp, The Werk Out, Domefest, Hookahville, Mountain Music Fest, Deep Roots Mountain Revival, Snuggleween, and hundreds more.

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