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Brandon is a new artist that discovered a love for painting in March of 2020 while researching ways to apply a mandala design to his living room coffee table. His research lead him to a unique style that incorporates pointillism aka dot art, sacred geometry, and 100% UV light reactive acrylic paints applied to a black canvas. His colorful palette and sacred geometric designs draw the viewers eyes in and delivers a sense of motion within his art.

A dedicated music lover and festival goer, Brandon has had the opportunity to live paint at his favorite band’s shows and at music festivals including Casual Campout, Feel Good Fest, and the Get Right Promotions Xmas Freakout with Dr Bacon.

Brandon Besecker dot art

Artist Statement
I am an example of why we should never stop exploring life’s new doorways. Prior to March 2020, I never considered myself to have any artistic talent. Discovering dot art has provided me with a pathway to explore new areas of my mind and imagination.

I exclusively auction off my art pieces to allow the buyer to determine their fair price for my work. I invest 100% of the proceeds of my artwork back into the art and music community.

Brandon Besecker dot art

Brandon Besecker dot art

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