Andy Frampton

Andy Frampton is a native West Virginian and fresh on the comedy scene. His comedy is a menagerie of subjects from personal stories of his life and upbringing to detailed diagnosis of the unemployment problem in the world of The Muppets.

He loves whiskey and roller coasters. Sometimes at the same time which explains his love life. He seeks to wrestle an alligator and fight a bear before his death. And he feels slighted by his exclusion from the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble. His greatness awaits.

With a little over three years into it, he has already made a name for himself in the Charleston and surrounding areas. He has done work in Lexington KY, Chillicothe OH, and towns in WV such as Huntington and Sutton just to name a few. He has successfully put on shows over the last two years at EZ Street Café and has been a part of Lee Hale’s Showcase at Timothy’s.



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