There is a ton of buzz around Big Something’s new album, Tumbleweed,  set to drop this Friday 2/24. We have been on the Big Something bandwagon for the last four years since we started Mountain Music Festival in 2014. Each and every year we try to do something special with the band like our kickball game with the boys in ’14, our whitewater rafting trip on the Lower New River, or the late night set with Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, dressed as aliens, taking over the stage! We asked Big Something superfan, Olivia Tygrett, to tell us a little bit about why she comes to the mountain each June and what sets this group apart from the rest.


Here is what she had to say;

As a lifelong music lover, there was a time that life got too busy and I didn’t give music much time. A good friend insisted I come to Mountain Music Festival where I was immersed in music for three enlightening days and nights. If you haven’t been to a music festival, it’s like camping, only with a few thousand of your best friends, and with music going many hours of the days and nights.  With warm showers and flushing toilets, the ability to go to Mountain Music Festival is a great starter or refreshing welcome from other average festivals.  Included in the price with camping and music, there is a super fun lake with some of the most awesome water park inflatables around. You also have the opportunity to go whitewater rafting, zip lining, or mountain biking. You will be doing plenty of hiking if you want, but free bus services are available! This festival also offers cabins and other accommodations that just can not be found at other music festivals. All of the creature comforts of home, but in a spectacular, wooded, musical world.

Big something rafting

One band in particular created an awakening in me that has continued for four years. Big Something has a groove and lyrics that will pull you in the very first time you hear them live. From energizing dance music, to the under the stars soft sounds of bright lights, Big Something will have you screaming for more!  The music and personality of the band gives the audience a glow and positive aura that is so contagious that you find yourself getting weird and grooving with a new group of extended family who travels to see this band at every opportunity.


If you haven’t seen Big Something, this is their fourth go around at Mountain Music Festival. They are a six piece band but sound like so much more! Front man Nick MacDaniels knows how to make it all sound just right, Jesse Hensley is on point to be one of the best guitarist of this decade, and Casey Cranford kills it on the sax, and if you don’t know what an EWI is, you should come hear him play! Josh Kagel makes himself known with his mad keyboard and trumpet playing, and if he walks to the mic, look out! It will blow your socks off! Doug Marshall knocks you down with his thumping bass and we have Ben Vinograd keeps us on pace on the drums!  They are getting ready to release their fourth studio album and on their way to being really BIG!  Mountain Music Festival is three days of music, love, water, adventure and memories that will change who you are. You are placed in the middle of the woods, where all your worries can be left at the gate. Come discover Big Something and Mountain Music Festival this June 1st, 2nd & 3rd.  They are not to be missed. Come feel the love they generate!

Big Something Album Tumbleweed

Big Something’s new album, Tumbleweed, will be unleashed worldwide this Friday (2/24) via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more! You can download the title track, Tumbleweed, for FREE right HERE. Nick MacDaniels describes that this song is about a man fumbling aimlessly through a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland hallucinating on peyote. He’s telling himself to just keep moving in order to survive.

Thanks to Olivia for taking the time to tell us what brings her back to ACE Adventure Resort each summer! While in The New River Gorge this June be sure to visit the little town of Fayetteville and stop into The Stache to see Olivia. She has all the ice cream, candy, toys, coffee and more to make you feel like a kid in a candy store!!!

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