The Talismen

the talismen band photo

The Talismen formed in 2015 in Montgomery, Alabama. These talented musicians have been learning and growing as they entertain audiences all over the Southeast. With a combination of energy and sophistication beyond their years, The Talismen put on a show containing soulful and funk-filled originals along with some music of their favorite artists from across the jam / rock / funk spectrum.

The Talismen released their debut album, Jar Full of Something, in February 2019. The album has since totaled over 700,000+ streams via Spotify. In March of 2020, the band released a four-song EP, Extra Vehicular Activity, which was recorded and produced by Kevin Scott (Jimmy Herring & The 5 of 7 / Col. Bruce Hampton). In August of 2020, the band released their first live album, Live From The Bunker, which showcases their vast improvisational skill. More recently, the band has released two singles, “Savage Road” and “Lockwood” in early 2022.

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