Same As It Ever Was

andy frasco

This 7-piece outfit of Knoxville musicians came together in the Summer of 2004 out of their mutual love and respect for the brilliance of David Byrne and Talking Heads. Over the years the band has performed extensively, and now nearly have the entire Talking Heads catalog at their fingertips; They bring the excitement and energy of their entire career, from ’77 to Naked, and all the B-sides in between. Same As It Ever Was strives to maintain the integrity of the Talking Heads’ groundbreaking music while bringing their own panache and energy to the game. To move the body and the intellect simultaneously is no small feat, so its no surprise this music has been embraced by so many and will prove to be immortal. It remains as relevant today as the moment in time the songs were recorded. SAIEW aims to honor Talking Heads’ contribution to our history and it’s always guaranteed to be a party any way you slice it.

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