Luke Schroeder

I started painting with interest in 2014 shortly after graduating college with a philosophy degree. Not knowing exactly how to apply my newly acquired knowledge to the “real world”, I decided to further explore the worlds—dreams, imagination, magic—of art.

Ever since beginning then by painting on cardboard boxes, I sustain this ongoing life of art through a constant evolution—within pieces, between pieces, among series, and the various surfaces of application. Each painting comprises an evolving form that begins, like any universe or world, with an impulse, which graduates to an inspiration, which through persistent seeking finally becomes a true image.

Art for me is a variety of existential therapy. I have realized that the metaphysical gestalts “I” produce are not of “me” but the universal forces flowing through a set of hands at a particular series of events. “My art” is primarily neither selfish nor altruistic—it is in essence an impersonal adventure through the deepest parts of our previously unseen and unimagined nature—for me, for you, for all the living. May we all find interest, inspiration, and intelligence with them!

 luke schroeder visual artist promo photo

luke schroeder visual artist promo photo

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