Logan Walden

Logan Walden visual artist

Logan Walden is a nationally known visionary artist based out of Ohio. “Sci-fi-delic Dreamscapes” is how Walden describes his work, as much of it revolves around science fiction and fantasy themed concepts and landscapes within the realm of surrealism. Logan began his art career in 2012 and has since showcased his work in many galleries and festivals throughout the United States. A few worthy of mention are Burning Man in 2016, Electric Forest Festival in 2017-2019 and 2022, and The Fitton Center in 2021. Logan has tackled many styles and mediums ranging from digital illustrations for musicians album covers to large scale murals funded by city art programs. Wielding a brush with acrylic is his most prolific practice, however, Walden has created impressive works with oil paint and 2D illustrations using digital mediums.

Logan Walden artwork

Logan Walden artwork








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