Leslie Caneda

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Leslie Caneda is an artist, craftswoman, and designer hailing from Charleston, South Carolina. Painting in acrylic, oil, and mischteknik, she is known for her fantastical color palette and playful surrealistic themes, and also her love of live painting in the eastern jam festival circuit.
Her work now includes painting introspective pieces, large scale murals, commissions, portraits, pet portraits, graphic design, gardening crafts, collaborative works, civic and community projects, clothing and household designs, body painting, set design, production design, and art gallery curation for festivals as well as events.
Now a member of the artist collectives, The Pigment Sanctuary, and The Riff Raff Art Collective, she now resides in Princeton, West Virginia.

leslie caneda artwork

Artist Statement:
I aim to connect people to their own playfulness of imagination with my art. Whether it be whimsical, energizing, thought provoking, or reflecting of one’s own shadow work, I want to tell my story in hopes it can help tell someone else’s too. The human condition, I believe is, rooted in creativity, expression, compassion, inventiveness, and the ability to share it with the rest of the universe. I consider any art form, including our own selves, to be fluid, flowing within one another. Art is a noble contribution to our history, our cultures, and what could be.

leslie caneda artwork


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