Groundhog Gravy

Their mission is simple – everybody in the crowd is just as vital as the band.

Every time Groundhog Gravy takes the stage they consume on-lookers and compel their attention. Their charismatic stage performance inspires devotion and movement. They have learned to harness the energy of a crowd, make it swell like a puffer-fish and use it in such a way that all present can rejoice in its pleasure. It’s easy to forget that one is at a show when seeing this band, instead it just feels like dancing and grooving to music with a bunch of friends.

groundhog gravy live

The Gravy boys were lucky enough to cross paths in Fayetteville, West Virginia. It was due to the white-water that this particular Appalachian area provides, that this group of musicians were brought together. This “white-water capital of the world” allowed one passion in each member’s life to lead to another passion – music. What had started off as acoustic, beatnik, grass-funkin’ on the front porch of the “Bungahole” (guide camp), has evolved into an electric, groove filled, rock and roll band with deep funk fusion and blues roots that blend together in a way that astonishes listeners. One cannot help but tap their feet, sway their shoulders, bob their head and let themselves go.

groundhog gravy band press photo

Groundhog Gravy consists of four members: Ed Lehrter, Matt Harrison, Scott Ferris and Berry Rainwater. Ed is the front-man, eccentric, charming and a natural leader who provides the rhythm electric guitar and passionate vocals. Matt slaps the bass with blended styles and brings skilled vocals to the table. Scott Ferris is the percussion perfectionist, the drum king and a jack of all traits when it comes to any instrument. Berry Rainwater plays lead guitar and is an absolute string monster-machine, both surgical and skillful in his playing abilities and portrays experienced pedal work. Both Ed and Matt write lyrics and songs for Groundhog Gravy based on personal experiences, life as they see it and fun stories (non-fiction and fiction) to entertain. Both have a way with words to write powerful lyrics that engage listeners and bring a relatable platform for both them and the audience to stand on.

In October 2017, Groundhog Gravy recorded their album Insignificant. They named it after the first class (v) rapid on the Gauley River – like the rapid, the album is everything but insignificant. The nine-track album was recorded in Montgomery, WV at 777 Studios by Tony Daniels. The album truly captures the essence and soul of the band. Coming up soon they are playing on October 26th at the Russell Fork River Festival at the Rendezvous in Haysi, VA. These guys are booking at surrounding areas for the summer (for they are running the river through the season) and are mapping a Fall 2018 east coast tour. If this band is playing at a venue near you, clear your schedule for they are a “must see.” Catch them on stage and get your Gravy on!

groundhog gravy watershed bag and paddle logo


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