Cynthu Muthusamy

My artwork navigates indigenous culture and ritual, ecology, and spirituality through experience, education, and experimentation.

I explore these interests through the mediums of drawing, painting, printmaking, performance art, and ceramics. I look at the ways that people are connected to their landscapes and community through ritual and spirituality, focusing specifically on sculptural forms used in worship as well as patterning/mandala-making.

I am specifically fascinated by the South Indian women’s ritual of kolam, which is a rice flour mandala making practice. I look to engage the connection between mantra (audio) and yantra (visual), and how we can use tools such as audio and visual exploration in order to aid in meditation and spiritual expansion.

I seek to use my art to empower women and people with with varied abilities through education, empowerment projects, community collaboration, and cultural preservation.


Cynthu Muthusamy visual artist promo photo

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