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I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Moved all around the country when I was young, simultaneously absorbing artistic culture from various locations until 2005 when I began to concentrate on honing my skills. Graduated with a BFA from Guilford College in 2009 on a Scholarship from College Foundation of North Carolina. I currently work and live in Wilmington, NC where I own a tattoo parlor/artist collective called Anvil & Ink. Anvil and Ink had been open since 2012.

I work with a team of prolific artists in this journey of life and creation. Spinning energy from the cosmos into light and color that we are all able to perceive, and eventually, potentially understand. Taking time to travel up and down the east coast painting murals, vending artwork, creating at festivals, displaying my work in various galleries, live-painting, and doing guest spots with my tattooing!

One of my major goals is to get my work out there in the open so people can see it and be transported to the realm of conceivable consciousness expansion. Regardless of background, life-experience, familiarity with the subject matter, or personal taste. I believe there is a place we all go when we become immersed creatively and I would like to take people there, while also making it accessible to anyone! The ideas are very inner-outer worldly and often involve the microcosms of life, nature, and also the spirit realm. Ultimately my art is about experience, therapy through that, and affecting positive change within myself while hopefully inspiring others to do the same. Everyone should create art!

To embrace the flow of creation is to write your own story… our story. It is the story of the dream, and our imagination as a unified whole. It is also a personal experience.

It is a spiral, cyclical, continually turning back upon itself and revisiting what was and what now is. Although elevated, our human consciousness writes and develops itself through this revisitation.

By disconnecting and tuning-in to the ever-flowing stream of creation, the artist can alter space and time with a paintbrush. By embracing this flow and allowing it to work through their own self, the artist is able to create anything he or she desires into existence.

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I have been a featured live painter for The Electric Koolaid Asheville Test, Arena 54, Bass Church, Trondossa, The Woodlands, Pink Moon, Create featuring Jantsen, Flame Festival, Monumental Music Entertainment presents Mindsone, Create Waves, Big Something presents Halloween, and one of the resident live painters at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater and Live Oak Bank Pavilion.

Created the cornerstone mural artwork for the Ocean Plastics awareness museum in Wilmington, NC (2016). The 6 panel installation features an abstracted world map and focuses on the plastic gyres forming throughout our oceans.

Multiple years Running as a featured visual artist for The Big What, The Mad Tea Party Jam, Mantrabash, The Werkout, Domefest, The Shew, Mountain Music Festival, and Resonance.

Art Director for The Mad Tea Party Jam, What Fam Jam, Wub & Dub Music and Arts Festival, and Ofest.

Aunt Betty’s mural artwork was featured on the cover of Raleigh Magazine for the best bars issue. Featured in the cover of Appalachian Jamwich issue 32 focusing on Festival Art.

Painted giant custom mural for WalkerWorld (2022) organic Artist retreat. Mural artwork from 2016 and 2017 Art Basel used for national immersive Street Art Exhibit. Participated in Art Basel from 2011-17. Participated in the Charleston Pour House Mural Competition 2022.

Mural artwork from Art Basel featured in “Fuck that’s Delicious” on Vice TV. Paintings featured in “Blue Mountian State” the movie. Airbrush artwork featured in the recent Netflix movie “Along For the Ride” 2022.

Solo shows at The Camel RVA, The Calico Room (Wilmington, NC), and Kreggers at Hand (RVA)

Designed the Album art for The Mantras for their 2022 release “Jungle In Space”

Recently featured in the international Artshow “Depression and Psychedelics” at Midway Gallery in Boston, MA. Works spanning from 2016-2021.

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