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The art speaks for itself-East Coast. USA. Owner/Tattooer at ANVIL & INK est:2012 (#leafmech) Mystic Defender. Aerosol Artist. Human Being. Friend. Creator.

I had been writing LEAF for 19 years. Started painting walls with spray paint in the Southwest when I was around 15 after the death of a close friend (DEF) who was a graffiti artist. It was here where I began my journey of self-discovery with style writing. I began to realize that it was important to cultivate a unique style and become well versed in the many various schools of graffiti; lettering, bombing, characters, blackbook, hand style, rap letters, blockbusters, rollers, and wildstyle. My lettering is influenced by late 80’s/90’s colors, West-Coast Latino style, and New York bombing.
Bio-mechanical art was invented by the late great H.R. Geiger and perfected for tattooing by Guy Aitchison and Aaron Cain. Aitchison took this style and made it more organic and colorful than Geiger’s work, and many have since done the same. It is with the influence of this bio-mech style coupled with the rendering of LEAF piecing where “LEAFMECH” is derived from. It has taken me a lifetime to combine all of this art into one form, that art is LEAFMECH.

bryan stacy artwork

I currently work and live in North Carolina where I own a tattoo parlor/artist collective. The shop is called Anvil & Ink. Anvil & Ink has been open since 2012 and we provide quality custom tattooing to our community by appointment only, while also supplying space for non-tattooing artists to work and create in. I work with several other well-known artists in this journey of creation. Spinning energy from the cosmos into light and color that we are all able to perceive, and eventually understand. Taking time to travel up and down the east coast creating murals, vending artwork at festivals, displaying paintings in galleries, and doing guest spots with my tattooing! Please feel free to visit my website/pages for more information and remember to always embrace the flow of creation! Thank you for being here and taking the time to read this…

bryan stacy artworkbryan stacy artwork



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