Bee Jones

I am a self taught mixed media artist and chef based out of Wilmington NC.
I use reclaimed wood and salvaged metal with traditional and non traditional techniques to create a medium; on which to construct mathematical thread sculpture using nails and various thread bodies. I also salvage steel and iron for smithing, welding, and engraving. Sometimes ceramic is used. Painting is something I’ve been more focused on the last couple of years. Hidden alphabets are asking to be shared.

Each unique thread piece contains stored potential energy in the hundreds of ft/lbs. This causes each piece to weigh more than the sum of its parts. The famous equation E = mc^2 proves it. I have dedicated the last seven years of my life into developing this distinctive aesthetic to thread art. Throughout those years I have taught myself several skills which have been deeply rewarding. Metalworking in various disciplines; welding, smithing, etching, casting, and fabrication. Working with wood and all the different finishing techniques. Free form wood carving. Fiber weaving styles and different thread bodies. The construction of sacred geometric structures. I also express myself through fine food as I have for 25 years.

For the past eight years I have been building a body of work. I was able to put on a successful exhibition in the spring of 2021 that was a beautiful and humbling experience. For the past several months I have put energy into producing small sculpture of fabricated stainless steel based on geometric objects. Providing something a bit more affordable for my display. As using all items are made from salvaged steel.

The hyper culture of consumption surrounds every second of our day. The scope of this is what pushed me out of the restaurant business. It wears on my soul to sometimes stand back and take a tabulation of all that we take from our planet. Every day. I try and minimize my footprint by utilizing things that have been discarded by man or torn down by Mother Nature. This approach had led me down many pathways. Each of them truly rewarding.

brian jones art

brian jones art

brian jones art


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