Alyse Firefly

Alyse is a figurative painter working out of New Orleans, Louisiana. She creates compositions combining the figure with elements of nature with a surreal twist. She strives to create pieces that venerate nature and show humankind’s connection to the earth. She is also interested in exploring the delicate beauty of the relationship between growth and decay, viewing death as an awe inspiring process of rebirth. She works primarily in oil paint, applying techniques of the old masters to create realistic pieces. She is from Baltimore Maryland and studied at the Schuler School of Fine Arts. Alyse paints at music and art festivals across the US as well as showing at galleries.

“I was always drawn to painting because it is such a meditative process that allows the subconscious mind to meld seamlessly with the movement of the paintbrush. Each brushstroke carefully grasps at the ethereal nature of light, finding its relationship with the shadow, finding the balance of warm and cool colors, and relating soft and hard edges. With each mark a bridge is formed in pigment, connecting this inner world of thought and emotion to the outer world, inviting the viewer inside.”

Solo Exhibitions:
2020 – Metamorphosis, Visual Senum, Chicago IL
2019 – Sentient Natura, Visual Sensum, Chicago, IL

Group Exhibitions:
2021 – Spring Expansion, Threyda Gallery, Denver CO
2020 – The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles CA
2020 – Pursuits of Pleasure, Local Light Gallery, Mandeville LA
2019- Opening Exhibition Gallery X, New Orleans LA
2018- Volume 2: The Anniversary Show, Tectonic Space, Baltimore MD

Honorable Mention – Bold Brush Competition November 2020 for “Autumn Glow”
Honorable Mention – 14th Annual Art Renewal Center Salon, for “Emulsion”

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