We are super excited to present the 2024 Mountain Music Festival Fire Performance Team. Led by Dragoonis Flame Presents this group of talented performers will amaze you with their abilities. Watch them burn in the fire circle and on the Mountaintop Main Stage both Friday and Saturday nights.

Open Fire Circle

We welcome all qualified individuals to participate in our fire circle this year at Mountain Music Festival. You can read the details below on how to join in these burns.

• All participants must attend daily fire safety meetings led by industry professionals that will take place at the fire circle on Friday and Saturday at 1pm. If you do not attend, you cannot participate.

• The fire circle will be open to flow artists each night from the hours of: 7pm to 930pm. The fire circle will only be open to booked fire performers after 930pm. This is for our booked fire artists safety, performances, and fuel conservation.

• All participants will be required to sign a release of liability waiver.

• All participants must wear fire-safe clothing made of natural fibers while participating in the open fire circle time slots. No slit weave clothing of any fabric type is allowed in the fire circle. This information will be discussed in the fire safety meetings. After the safety meeting participants will be given daily credentials to gain access to the fuel depot and fire circle.

• All participants must provide their own props that they desire to use in the fire circle and bring them to the fire safety meetings so that they may be inspected by our fire safety staff daily. Props will not be provided for you to burn.

• Participants are not allowed to participate in fire safety rotations. These rotations are strictly for our certified staff members and our experienced artists.

• Due to high risk of injury to yourself and others, no fire eating, fire breathing, or partner work is allowed by open fire circle time slots participants.

• All participants MUST be sober and not under the influence of any mind or physically altering substances when arriving to participate in the open fire circle hours. If you are thought to be under the influence in any way, you will not be allowed to participate until a time that you can present as sober to our fire safety staff.

• Event security, fire circle security, fire safety personnel, and fuel depot staff reserve the right to remove any unruly or unsafe participants at any and all times that they may deem as necessary to ensure the safety of the event, those near the fire circle, our artists, and those participating in the open fire circle time slots.

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