We are super pleased to release the Mountain Music Festival 2021 official poster art. Created by Brian Zickafoose this piece highlights the 30+ bands scheduled to rock ACE Adventure Resort on June 3-5, 2021. This is Brian’s fourth year creating our poster art and we continue to be amazed by his incredible artwork. Zickafoose is also one of the featured artists at Mountain Music Festival’s Pigment Sanctuary. This festival’s art gallery is an incredible space where artists can groove for the weekend while they show off and create their next masterpiece. We wanted to dive into the art of Brian Zickafoose a bit more though.

mountain music festival 2021 lineup poster by brian zickafoose

Tell us a little bit about your art and your style?

“My art is a spiritual practice in which I use the process of creating to honor the great creative Spirit of the Universe. The works I create are a type of long prayer. Each line, stroke, and color are symbols of love that I send out into the world for the purpose of healing myself and as a tool for others to heal themselves.

I refer to my painting style as, Psychedelic Country or Psy-Country for short. In this style, I mix landscapes, animals, and other elements of nature with sacred geometry and symbolism.”

All Eyes on the Sunrise: New River Gorge, West Virginia brian zickafoose

What inspired the art for the 2021 MMFest poster?

This year’s art is inspired by the idea of finding and restoring balance. The two wolves represent the two polarities of light and darkness. Each wolf, like a yin-yang, spins in perpetuity singing a song of harmony and sustainability. The harmony of nature and the harmony of humanity must be restored if we are to heal the Earth and heal our people from the divisiveness of our ways. The symbolism in the poster represents the elements of nature: fire, water, earth, air, and aether, which represents the power of spirit or will power.

mountain music festival 2021 poster concept art

What is your best MMFest memory?

My best Mountain Music Festival memory is collaborating and painting on the art team mural alongside my creative fellows with my two beautiful daughters while listening and dancing to the funky music coming from the stage.

brian zickafoose visual artist promo photo

What are you looking forward to doing at MMFest 2021?

This year, I am looking forward to reuniting with my festival tribe and experiencing live music for the first time in what seems like ages. I long for the time we stand together under the starry sky enjoying live music and laser lights. As well as taking in all of the fantastic amenities of the ACE facility, playing the sand on the beach at the waterpark, and riding some rapids! Hope to see everyone there.

crowd in front of the stage at mountain music festival with artist mural

Party on the Mountaintop

Tickets are on sale now for Mountain Music Festival happening June 3rd-5th at ACE Adventure Resort. Set in the heart of the New River Gorge this festival should be your next funkadelic destination. Three nights, three stages and over 30 bands including Lettuce, The Wood Brothers, The Infamous Stingdusters, TAUK, Big Something and more. Plus our talented team of visual artists, dance performers, fire spinners, vendors and more will all be ready kickoff summer with a bang. See you in June!

brian zickafoose and family with art profile pics x 4



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