We’re getting close to that moment in June (41 days!), when Mountain Music Fest kicks off and as you sit at your desk at work hatin’ it, we’d like to take this opportunity to offer a few helpful suggestions on making your experience at Mountain Music Fest the best weekend of your entire life.  


Leave work at Noon on Thursday, head up the mountain, set up your campsite, and grab a beer at The Lost Paddle Lounge…. Watch the sunset from the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company Lake Stage and take a deep breath, you’re on the mountain now. 36574348_DSC_2778


Jam out with us at the Thursday Night Pre-Party with The Commonheart and Spiritual Rez. The Commonheart is one of the fastest growing, most popular bands to come out of our neck of the woods in a while and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. GET YOUR TICKETS TO THURSDAY NIGHT SOON–it’s about to sell out.



Wake up Friday and head over to your favorite food truck to pick up a much-needed and super delicious breakfast sammich. Wander over to the Strange Coffee’s Strange Stage to enjoy that life-saving breakfast while catching a little of Matt Mullins and the Bring Downs — the perfect soundtrack as you ease into Friday. 23201098_DSC_3422 While you’ve got ‘em, take a couple of hours to enjoy all of the amazing visual artists, workshops and vendors attending the fest this year. Whether you’re into handmade jewelry, painting, slacklining, yoga, or hydroponic gardening, we’ve got loads of talented folks joining us this year to share their passions. Jump right in and enjoy all of the various art forms we’re hosting at this year’s fest! When you’re feelin’ it, head on back to camp to gear up for a PACKED Friday night of Main Squeeze, Karl Denson and The Revivalists.


Always Remember: It’s a Marathon, not a sprint. Saturday is a long one, so let’s make sure you guys plan accordingly to take advantage of all the fun. Start your Saturday by heading to the water park for some food, brews, tunes and to wash off that Friday funk. There will be plenty of food and live music for those who want to casually bask in the sunshine and the glory that is a good cheeseburger with a side of guitar solo. If you’re feeling really spunky and have a little more energy to spare, the lake is packed with all kinds of games, inflatable toys, and slides. 68953840_DSC_3830 If you’re not feeling like hitting the water on Saturday, head over to the Art Tent and catch a Live Painting Experience, chat with artists and take a few minutes to appreciate their craft. Now, this is the part of the weekend where you either rally and push through the day or sit back and take a nap to regain some of that lost energy. Your call on this one. Once you’re done soaking up the sun at the Lake, napping or rafting, head back to camp and get ready for a night of music like no other…featuring: The Mantras, Twiddle, Big Something and Umphrey’s McGee. And, if you’re a night owl, be sure to catch the late night sets over at Strange Stage which keeps rolling until dawn.



The last step to making sure Mountain Music Fest is the best weekend of your entire life is to remember to take a moment during the weekend to enjoy it all, appreciate your surroundings, and make new friends. We love that you’re joining us for the weekend and hope you walk away with a giant smile on your face, and plans to return next year. 36465464_DSC_4580

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