2017 Festival Workshops

There is no shortage of fun activities to choose from this June at Mountain Music Festival in Wild & Wonderful, West Virginia. Whether you are looking for adrenaline pumping mountain adventures like whitewater rafting, zip lining to mountain biking or maybe something slower paced like a morning yoga session, an interpretive hike or an art workshop then ACE Adventure Resort has something for you. This year we are excited to announce our workshop schedule and encourage our attendees to leave with more than just memories. Our workshops and clinics are designed for our fans to take an interest in something that could last a lifetime (or at least the rest of the summer).


Slack-Librium is coming back to Wonderland Mountain for their second year. Slacklining, for those of you who still don’t know, is the act of balancing on a one to two inch piece of webbing that is tensioned between two objects, usually trees. More advanced “slackers” will then add various tricks and static yoga poses into their practice. Successful slacklining requires a seamless connection between body and mind, making slacklining an extreme form of movement meditation. Slack-Librium’s workshops are taught using experiential mindfulness techniques and principles in order to help participants cultivate a greater awareness of both body and mind.

Stop in and see the interactive Slackline Park & Lounge that will be setup just inside the festival grounds. You will enter our workshop as a human being… and leave as a human being who knows how to slackline. We like to keep it simple. No experience necessary. All ages welcome. Slack-Librium instructors will offer personal one-on-one guidance for participants in addition to providing a wide assortment of daily group workshops. Step into Slack-Librium… don’t be shy.


Take a hike and explore wild and medicinal plants with Tara Caldwell. Open up Mother Nature’s medicine chest and explore plant allies.  Find relief from common ailments outdoor enthusiasts encounter.  From bee stings and bruises to sunburn and sore muscles learn which plants will help you recover quickly.  Explore trails discovering first aid and food along the way. Tara will share recipes and remedies along with folklore and history of plants commonly found in West Virginia.

Want to learn the basics of hydroponic growing along with a brief history of hydroponics and the overall advantages of hydroponic growing? Hydroponics for Hope and introduction into hydroponic growing and this workshop will be a fun hands on program for all ages. Attendees will build a small recycled hydroponic system that they can take home with them complete with a live plant and General Hydroponic nutrients to start growing. Learn more in the second workshop called Communities Against Chemicals and become educated about the toxic chemicals found in the personal hygiene and cleaning products we use everyday. Attendees will learn about how these toxic chemicals affect their health and our waterways and will watch a live demonstration on how to make homemade chemical free cleaning products.


Candace Evans, Appalachian spiritual warrior, mountain momma extraordinaire, live music slave, professional Yoga instructor and lover of all things good in this world will be teaching Yoga on the Main Stage both Friday and Saturday afternoon. Fire My Spirit Productions will be spinning fire at the main stage and teaching flow workshops throughout the weekend as well. Plus our super talented visual artists will be teaching various workshops in the art tent at Mountain Music Festival. Check out the workshop schedule and make plans play outside and learn something new.

Friday Workshops

June 1st, 2nd & 3rd West Virginia’s best music festival is at ACE Adventure Resort in the New River Gorge. Umphrey’s McGee, The Revivalists, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, The Main Squeeze, Twiddle, Big Something, Spiritual Rez and more will be lighting up the mountaintop stage and putting on a show you won’t want to miss. Advance tickets are on sale now and you can lock in current pricing for only $25 with our payment plan. Be sure to like us on Facebook and join the Facebook Event Page to stay up to date with all the MMFest2017 news and updates. We are even on Snapchat now too at MMFestWV so be sure to see what we are up to there. See you on the mountain this summer!

Saturday Workshops

Visual Artist Lineup

Inspiration is all over Wonderland Mountain at ACE Adventure Resort. Perched on the grassy knoll you will see the colorful and lit up art tent captivating you to explore it. Upon venturing inside you will find the festival scene’s best visual artists showing off their creativity and inspiration. Prepare to be blown away with the friendly, talented artists and what they have created. Many will be painting live and creating new works before your eyes! This is the third year we welcome artists to the mountaintop event and they continue to amaze us each year. We cannot wait to see what these folks will be showing off this June 1st, 2nd & 3rd!


Get a taste of whom you will meet inside the art tent this year at Mountain Music Festival.

Ashton Hill has been the true inspiration for visual artists each year at our festival. She came to us three years ago with the idea of adding art to the event and we couldn’t be happier that our paths have crossed. Each year she puts in tons of work to assemble talented artists, plan an amazing space and of course create some awesome artwork! She does all this before even getting to Wonderland Mountain at ACE Adventure. Talking bout her art she says;
“As a live painter I extend my creative self to the people for entertainment, for intrinsic thought, for your soul to be touched. Journeying from festivals to galleries to events to street performance, my goal is to bring a consciousness of creation to all I encounter. Along the way I vend my craft, interact with the public, and expose my heart and soul through every painting.”


Brian Zickafoose is an award-winning commercial artist, musician and publisher, who specializes in piercing the perimeter of perception, and illuminating the vibrant and divine nature of the human spirit. Although he has a penchant for exploring parallel dimensions, intergalactic adventure and time travel, Brian currently resides deep in the mountains of West Virginia with his wife Jeannine, daughters Daisy, Xia and Zenna, and a polydactyl cat named Butterfly, near the New River Gorge.


A bohemian adventurer sails far, and wide into the vast seas of inner space. From there, he delves into its depths in search of many visual treasures and oddities. Letting the flow of all things take the wheel, Ryan Byrd merges dancing and painting into one. The art takes on a life of its own, and he just becomes the observer. The canvas becomes a door way into the lucid depths of the human imagination. He lets his subconscious mind paint to the rhythm and beats of the music and the high vibe energy in his environment. He keeps layering on paints in shapes and patterns creating levels of depth. Eventually his imagination begins conjuring radically whimsical creatures and creations, built out of the depths of reality, the fractals, and the spirit realm. This is his Psychonautical Voyage.


Check out the Visual Artist Lineup and find out more about all the talented folks who will be getting inspired in the mountains of West Virginia this summer! With acts like Umphrey’s McGee, The Revivalists, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Twiddle and Big Something the good vibrations will certainly be flowing through the paint. You can still save big by getting early bird tickets before Valentines Day when ticket prices will increase. Call us at 1-877-382-5893 to lock in this discounted rate for ONLY $25 with our payment plan. Stay up to date with all the news and announcements by following us on Facebook and be sure to join the Event Page and invite all your art loving friends. The fourth year of MMFest is shaping up to be pretty memorable so start making plans to be on the mountain with us this June. See you soon!