Top 5 Reasons MMFest 2017 has the BEST Festival Camping

When you think of camping at a music festival this summer, we bet that the first thought that comes to mind likely looks something like this

camping trash 1

Most music festivals pack hundreds of campers super close together in open fields (read: NO SHADE!), with limited access to resources such as showers, water and power. Well, not Mountain Music Festival.

When you stay with us for the weekend of #MMF2017, you’ll be treated like family with access to FREE showers, clean bathrooms (real toilets!), access to fresh water, power and more. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and safe place to call home during the weekend so whether you’re bringing your RV, staying in a cabin or bringing the whole family to one of our safari family tents, know that staying with us will be just as enjoyable as jamming out with us all weekend.

Here’s your guide to on where to stay and what to bring this year:

Camping Options:

Cabins: There is a wide variety of cabin options for you to choose from for your stay with us during Mountain Music Festival. Whether you are looking for a bunkhouse for loads of folks, a more private 2-bedroom cabin or a secluded getaway like our Aspen Log Home, we’ve got cabins throughout the property to make your weekend a bit more comfy than a tent. Cabin rentals for the weekend start at $99!


RV: Enjoy the privacy of your own camper or RV while staying at ACE’s 1,500-acre adventure resort. All sites are conveniently located down by ACE’s main facilities for easy access to activities, dining and showers. Most sites are pull through sites. RVs are also allowed in the campground if you purchase a Campground RV Pass. Campground RV parking does not have hookups for power, water or sewer. We ask you not to use a generator. RV camping passes are only $20!

Tent Camping: Be one with nature at our Mountain Top Campground. In the campground you will find picnic tables and campfire rings spread out across the mountain. Campers here will have the extra bonus of being adjacent to the festival grounds, so your weekend home will always been a short walk away from the music. Tent camping for the weekend is included with your weekend festival pass.


Where will you be staying on the mountain?

While you’re figuring out which kick-ass camping option you and your friends will be taking this year, take a second to bookmark this page as your official guide to what to bring to the fest this year! Don’t forget to stop by the Welcome Center and Outfitter Store for firewood, ice, beer to go, sunglasses, sunscreen and more!

•    Tent – don’t forget the rain fly.
•    Sleeping bag
•    Extra blankets
•    Blankets to sit on while you watch tunes in the field.
•    Pillows
•    Air mattress (if you pack this also include pump or extra batteries for the pump, a patch kit for repairs, and sheets to cover it with)
•    Tent – don’t forget the rain fly.
•    Sleeping bag
•    Extra blankets
•    Blankets to sit on while you watch tunes in the field.
•    Pillows
•    Air mattress (if you pack this also include pump or extra batteries for the pump, a patch kit for repairs, and sheets to cover it with)
•    Head lamps (and batteries!)
•    Lantern
•    Tarp
•    Hammer
•    Pocket knife
•    Extra toilet paper
•    Bath towels, at least one per person and an extra
•    Chairs
•    Coolers (it’s a good idea to pack a large for drinks and to use as a table and a smaller one for food)
•    Febreze for the tent or NOT! Your call.
•    Cleaning spray (Windex, etc.)
•    Jugs of water
•    Bluetooth Speaker
•    Car inverter for electronics
•    Jumper cables
•    Tent locks
•    Extra car keys (if you are camping with friends you may want to give them extra car keys or keyless entry devices so they can store valuables in the car and have access to it if you get separated)
•    Hand warmers, hot hands
•    Flag or tiki torches (to mark your campsite so you can find it easily)
•    Optional items like a fold out table (regulation beer pong size or otherwise), or a rug
•    Hammock (Pick up an ENO in our Retail Store on site!)
•    Shade Awning-Small shade tents, large umbrellas, and Sunbrellas can be helpful to block out sun and rain during the shows.
•    Tapestries to hang up for decoration
•    Ashtrays
•    Trash bags

Happy packing and we will see you on the mountain 🙂

5 Steps to One Badass MMFest Weekend

We’re getting close to that moment in June (41 days!), when Mountain Music Fest kicks off and as you sit at your desk at work hatin’ it, we’d like to take this opportunity to offer a few helpful suggestions on making your experience at Mountain Music Fest the best weekend of your entire life.



Leave work at Noon on Thursday, head up the mountain, set up your campsite, and grab a beer at The Lost Paddle Lounge…. Watch the sunset from the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company Lake Stage and take a deep breath, you’re on the mountain now.



Jam out with us at the Thursday Night Pre-Party with The Commonheart and Spiritual Rez. The Commonheart is one of the fastest growing, most popular bands to come out of our neck of the woods in a while and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. GET YOUR TICKETS TO THURSDAY NIGHT SOON–it’s about to sell out.



Wake up Friday and head over to your favorite food truck to pick up a much-needed and super delicious breakfast sammich. Wander over to the Strange Coffee’s Strange Stage to enjoy that life-saving breakfast while catching a little of Matt Mullins and the Bring Downs — the perfect soundtrack as you ease into Friday.


While you’ve got ‘em, take a couple of hours to enjoy all of the amazing visual artists, workshops and vendors attending the fest this year. Whether you’re into handmade jewelry, painting, slacklining, yoga, or hydroponic gardening, we’ve got loads of talented folks joining us this year to share their passions. Jump right in and enjoy all of the various art forms we’re hosting at this year’s fest!

When you’re feelin’ it, head on back to camp to gear up for a PACKED Friday night of Main Squeeze, Karl Denson and The Revivalists.


Always Remember: It’s a Marathon, not a sprint.

Saturday is a long one, so let’s make sure you guys plan accordingly to take advantage of all the fun. Start your Saturday by heading to the water park for some food, brews, tunes and to wash off that Friday funk. There will be plenty of food and live music for those who want to casually bask in the sunshine and the glory that is a good cheeseburger with a side of guitar solo. If you’re feeling really spunky and have a little more energy to spare, the lake is packed with all kinds of games, inflatable toys, and slides.

If you’re not feeling like hitting the water on Saturday, head over to the Art Tent and catch a Live Painting Experience, chat with artists and take a few minutes to appreciate their craft.

Now, this is the part of the weekend where you either rally and push through the day or sit back and take a nap to regain some of that lost energy. Your call on this one.

Once you’re done soaking up the sun at the Lake, napping or rafting, head back to camp and get ready for a night of music like no other…featuring: The Mantras, Twiddle, Big Something and Umphrey’s McGee. And, if you’re a night owl, be sure to catch the late night sets over at Strange Stage which keeps rolling until dawn.




The last step to making sure Mountain Music Fest is the best weekend of your entire life is to remember to take a moment during the weekend to enjoy it all, appreciate your surroundings, and make new friends. We love that you’re joining us for the weekend and hope you walk away with a giant smile on your face, and plans to return next year.


Road Trip to MMFest

Getting excited for your road trip to Mountain Music Festival this summer? Remember it is the journey that is the destination. Whether you are coming from the north, south, east or west there are plenty of cool things to see and do between wherever you may be reading this and the New River Gorge in West Virginia. We put together a list of a few of our favorite roadside stops while traveling though the Mountain State.

Multi-ethnic hippie friends in a minivan on a road trip

Coming from Morgantown/Pittsburgh

Whether you are leaving from Morgantown or just passing through on your way down I-79 this is a great place to stop, grab lunch and do some shopping. Check out all the restaurants in town like Black Bear Burrito, Pies and Pints and Morgantown Brewing Company. The burgers at the brewery could very well be the best in the state! While you let your food settle walk up High Street and check out all the cool shops and stores. Stock up on some supplies with Cool Ridge & Company who offers everything from jewelry, clothing and a full service head shop in the basement. You will roll out of town well fed and only be two and a half hours from ACE Adventure Resort.
Just down the road from Morgantown in Weston is the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum that housed thousands of mentally ill patients from the mid 1800’s through the 1990’s. Stop in and take a historical tour of the building exploring 9 acres of hallways and rooms inside. Feeling a little braver then take the paranormal tour and learn all about the ghosts who still walk the halls of the asylum today. Trans Allegheny is known as one of the most haunted places in North America and has been featured in numerous paranormal shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Challenge and more.

Donnie Nunley Flickr

As you leave Weston you are less than 100 miles from Wonderland Mountain. Roll down the windows, turn up the music and enjoy the scenic mountain drive through the heart of West Virginia. As you hit highway 19 and drive through Summersville and Fayetteville be sure to watch your speed. The local police love to target out of state drivers and you can see the blue and red lights behind you for doing as little as ONE MILE over the limit. So take your time, watch your speed and you should have no worries.

Coming from Roanoke

Roanoke is only two and a half hours from ACE and it is a nice easy ride over the mountains along I64 into Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. Before heading out of Roanoke be sure to stop by Ripple, the hippie general store to grab some goodies for your weekend. Grab a cool new tapestry for your campsite or pickup some new threads to wear over the weekend.
Soon after crossing the state line into WV you are only minutes from Lewisburg and the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company. Stop into the brewery and have a tasting in the taproom. They love to do small batches that you can only get here in their taproom! Watch the dedicated staff here brewing the next great batch of West Virginia craft beer.


While visiting the brewery be sure to pop into Smooth Ambler right across the street. When you arrive, you’ll be surrounded by the warmth of antique wood floors, warm colors and a solid wood, hand-crafted bar at which you’ll have the opportunity to taste Smooth Ambler’s patiently crafted spirits. From the Tasting Room you’ll find 4 large viewing windows that look out into the production floor giving you a view of the mash tank, fermentation tanks, stills and barreling process. Not coming through Lewisburg, don’t worry we will have plenty at The Lost Paddle Lounge for you to try some!
Less than an hour from Mountain Music Festival is Sandstone Falls on the New River. This is the largest waterfall on the river at 20 feet tall and spanning 1500 feet across the New River. Stop by the National Park Service Sandstone Visitors Center right off I64 to get more info and area maps. Once you arrive at the falls you will find a beautiful trail following boardwalks and bridges along various islands below the falls. If you have a West Virginia fishing license this is a great place to catch smallmouth bass and catfish. Now that you have had a chance to breathe in that fresh mountain air you are ready to cruise through Beckley and into ACE for the weekend.


Coming from Columbus, OH

Columbus is only a short and easy 3 and a half hour drive on lightly traveled highways and interstates. While coming though Ohio University territory in Athens be sure to stop at Jackie O’s Brewery for some great beer and tasty food. This place has been called the best brewpub in Ohio and has 18 unique beers for you to try in the taproom. Ever heard of a farm to table brewpub? Jackie O’s even has their own farm where they grow many of the vegetable resources they use in the brewery and restaurant. Rolling out of Athens you are only about 45 minutes from crossing into West Virginia.

CHARLESTON, WV - OCTOBER 13: State Capitol Building in Charleston, West Virginia, USA with information sign in the foreground. Seen during the fall afternoon of October 13, 2012.

As you pass through Charleston, the state capital, be sure to hit up the Capital Market right off the highway. Check out this year-round outdoor market and an eclectic collection of indoor shops featuring fresh fish, meat & produce; books, wines, chocolates, West Virginia foods & things. This is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat or stock up on groceries for the weekend. Also while in Charleston be sure to explore the state capital complex on the banks of the Kanawha River. Heading into the mountains out of Charleston you are less than an hour from MMFest!!


Need to go for a hike or stretch your legs one more time? Stop at Plum Orchard Lake just off I64 where you exit the highway on Route 612. This man-made lake offers plenty of hiking trails and is a great place to throw a line out and do some fishing. Field and Stream Magazine called this lake one of the best bluegill fishing lakes east of the Mississippi. The highlight at Plum Orchard is the thousands of flowered lily pads covering the lake. The flowers are in peak bloom during the early weeks of June too! Grab some pictures and jump in the car for a short 20-minute ride into Oak Hill and the New River Gorge.

Coming from North Carolina

Coming from the south you will enter into West Virginia through the tunnel at East River Mountain. Be sure to hold your breath through the tunnel for good luck! This tunnel itself is pretty interesting with lots of local lure and stories. I have heard that they broke into a giant cave while excavating the tunnel then they quickly filled it in and forgot about. Also local stories are floating around talking about a top-secret military operation going on here. Either way when you pop out of the mountain you are less than an hour from ACE Adventure Resort.
As you head north on I77 stop into the Bluestone Rest Area around mile marker 16. Here you can grab a coffee, gas and a snack; plus you can get some great views of the Bluestone River Gorge here. The Bluestone River is part of the New River Gorge National Park and offers cliff-lined scenery, whitewater rapids, great fishing.


Continuing north towards Beckley you will find Tamarack featuring the best of West Virginia. At Tamarack you will find a unique mix of Appalachian art, food and music. You will find artisans creating pottery, blowing glass and painting on site. While visiting be sure to find the $20,000 coffee table and setup your layaway plan! Pulling out of Tamarack in Beckley you will hit Highway 19 north and you will be minutes from West Virginia’s best music festival this June 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Once you get off highway 19 in Oak Hill on the East Main Street exit you are only minutes away from the party. We recommend that you do not use GPS to find your way to ACE from here, who knows where you will end up… You will see a BP gas station just off the exit. Take a left onto the road just across the street from the gas station. Follow this road down the hill and through the old coal mining community of Minden. Look for the ACE Adventure Resort signs and you’ll be there in a flash!

2017 Festival Workshops

There is no shortage of fun activities to choose from this June at Mountain Music Festival in Wild & Wonderful, West Virginia. Whether you are looking for adrenaline pumping mountain adventures like whitewater rafting, zip lining to mountain biking or maybe something slower paced like a morning yoga session, an interpretive hike or an art workshop then ACE Adventure Resort has something for you. This year we are excited to announce our workshop schedule and encourage our attendees to leave with more than just memories. Our workshops and clinics are designed for our fans to take an interest in something that could last a lifetime (or at least the rest of the summer).


Slack-Librium is coming back to Wonderland Mountain for their second year. Slacklining, for those of you who still don’t know, is the act of balancing on a one to two inch piece of webbing that is tensioned between two objects, usually trees. More advanced “slackers” will then add various tricks and static yoga poses into their practice. Successful slacklining requires a seamless connection between body and mind, making slacklining an extreme form of movement meditation. Slack-Librium’s workshops are taught using experiential mindfulness techniques and principles in order to help participants cultivate a greater awareness of both body and mind.

Stop in and see the interactive Slackline Park & Lounge that will be setup just inside the festival grounds. You will enter our workshop as a human being… and leave as a human being who knows how to slackline. We like to keep it simple. No experience necessary. All ages welcome. Slack-Librium instructors will offer personal one-on-one guidance for participants in addition to providing a wide assortment of daily group workshops. Step into Slack-Librium… don’t be shy.


Take a hike and explore wild and medicinal plants with Tara Caldwell. Open up Mother Nature’s medicine chest and explore plant allies.  Find relief from common ailments outdoor enthusiasts encounter.  From bee stings and bruises to sunburn and sore muscles learn which plants will help you recover quickly.  Explore trails discovering first aid and food along the way. Tara will share recipes and remedies along with folklore and history of plants commonly found in West Virginia.

Want to learn the basics of hydroponic growing along with a brief history of hydroponics and the overall advantages of hydroponic growing? Hydroponics for Hope and introduction into hydroponic growing and this workshop will be a fun hands on program for all ages. Attendees will build a small recycled hydroponic system that they can take home with them complete with a live plant and General Hydroponic nutrients to start growing. Learn more in the second workshop called Communities Against Chemicals and become educated about the toxic chemicals found in the personal hygiene and cleaning products we use everyday. Attendees will learn about how these toxic chemicals affect their health and our waterways and will watch a live demonstration on how to make homemade chemical free cleaning products.


Candace Evans, Appalachian spiritual warrior, mountain momma extraordinaire, live music slave, professional Yoga instructor and lover of all things good in this world will be teaching Yoga on the Main Stage both Friday and Saturday afternoon. Fire My Spirit Productions will be spinning fire at the main stage and teaching flow workshops throughout the weekend as well. Plus our super talented visual artists will be teaching various workshops in the art tent at Mountain Music Festival. Check out the workshop schedule and make plans play outside and learn something new.

Friday Workshops

June 1st, 2nd & 3rd West Virginia’s best music festival is at ACE Adventure Resort in the New River Gorge. Umphrey’s McGee, The Revivalists, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, The Main Squeeze, Twiddle, Big Something, Spiritual Rez and more will be lighting up the mountaintop stage and putting on a show you won’t want to miss. Advance tickets are on sale now and you can lock in current pricing for only $25 with our payment plan. Be sure to like us on Facebook and join the Facebook Event Page to stay up to date with all the MMFest2017 news and updates. We are even on Snapchat now too at MMFestWV so be sure to see what we are up to there. See you on the mountain this summer!

Saturday Workshops

Pre-Parties Coming to Your Backyard

So who wants to wait until June to reunite the Mountain Music Festival family?? We sure don’t!! That’s why we are going on the road this spring to make some noise and have some fun in your backyard. We are planning a series of festival pre-parties in various cities where you can come out and get a taste of the music you will hear at ACE Adventure Resort this June 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Plus we will be on hand giving out tickets and other great MMFest swag! We are planning Mountain Music Festival Pre-Parties in Morgantown, Huntington and Roanoke this year.


Mark your calendars and make plans to hang out with all your WVU friends at 123 Pleasant Street in downtown Morgantown on April 22nd. Get fired up for MMFest 2017 with Fletcher’s Grove and their Appalachian tinged mix of genres that makes standing still nearly impossible. Dr Slothclaw will also be bringing their funky and psychedelic sounds to Morgantown for the first time ever this weekend. Both of these bands are no strangers to the festival scene and they will be taking over The Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company Lake Stage on Saturday afternoon during the beach party.


The following weekend we will be heading to Huntington, WV and The V Club to kick it with all the Marshall kids. We will be showcasing the 5 winning bands that competed in the Path to Mountain Music Festival. That night we want you to come out and show your support for your favorite bands. Bands have until the end of February to get their submission entered for a chance to perform at Mountain Music Festival this June. Get all the details HERE and find out how you can vote for your favorite band this spring.

The first weekend in May will find our festival promo team hitting the streets in Roanoke and bringing the party to Martin’s Downtown. Saturday May 6th Groove Fetish and The Southern Belles will be jamming out with all you Virginia lovers. Come out for your chance to score tickets and more festival goodies!! We are planning some more fun stuff for that weekend in Roanoke so stay tuned 😉


All the awesome bands playing our pre-parties will be throwing down this June at Mountain Music Festival. Advance tickets are on sale now plus a few cabin upgrades are still available. Make it a long weekend and pickup your 3-day festival pass before they sell out soon. New for 2017 is our payment plan and we only require $25 to lock in you ticket at the current price. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and join the Event Page to stay up to date with all the MMFest2017 news, giveaways and more.

Four Years of Big Something

There is a ton of buzz around Big Something’s new album, Tumbleweed,  set to drop this Friday 2/24. We have been on the Big Something bandwagon for the last four years since we started Mountain Music Festival in 2014. Each and every year we try to do something special with the band like our kickball game with the boys in ’14, our whitewater rafting trip on the Lower New River, or the late night set with Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, dressed as aliens, taking over the stage! We asked Big Something superfan, Olivia Tygrett, to tell us a little bit about why she comes to the mountain each June and what sets this group apart from the rest.


Here is what she had to say;

As a lifelong music lover, there was a time that life got too busy and I didn’t give music much time. A good friend insisted I come to Mountain Music Festival where I was immersed in music for three enlightening days and nights. If you haven’t been to a music festival, it’s like camping, only with a few thousand of your best friends, and with music going many hours of the days and nights.  With warm showers and flushing toilets, the ability to go to Mountain Music Festival is a great starter or refreshing welcome from other average festivals.  Included in the price with camping and music, there is a super fun lake with some of the most awesome water park inflatables around. You also have the opportunity to go whitewater rafting, zip lining, or mountain biking. You will be doing plenty of hiking if you want, but free bus services are available! This festival also offers cabins and other accommodations that just can not be found at other music festivals. All of the creature comforts of home, but in a spectacular, wooded, musical world.

Big something rafting

One band in particular created an awakening in me that has continued for four years. Big Something has a groove and lyrics that will pull you in the very first time you hear them live. From energizing dance music, to the under the stars soft sounds of bright lights, Big Something will have you screaming for more!  The music and personality of the band gives the audience a glow and positive aura that is so contagious that you find yourself getting weird and grooving with a new group of extended family who travels to see this band at every opportunity.


If you haven’t seen Big Something, this is their fourth go around at Mountain Music Festival. They are a six piece band but sound like so much more! Front man Nick MacDaniels knows how to make it all sound just right, Jesse Hensley is on point to be one of the best guitarist of this decade, and Casey Cranford kills it on the sax, and if you don’t know what an EWI is, you should come hear him play! Josh Kagel makes himself known with his mad keyboard and trumpet playing, and if he walks to the mic, look out! It will blow your socks off! Doug Marshall knocks you down with his thumping bass and we have Ben Vinograd keeps us on pace on the drums!  They are getting ready to release their fourth studio album and on their way to being really BIG!  Mountain Music Festival is three days of music, love, water, adventure and memories that will change who you are. You are placed in the middle of the woods, where all your worries can be left at the gate. Come discover Big Something and Mountain Music Festival this June 1st, 2nd & 3rd.  They are not to be missed. Come feel the love they generate!

Big Something Album Tumbleweed

Big Something’s new album, Tumbleweed, will be unleashed worldwide this Friday (2/24) via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more! You can download the title track, Tumbleweed, for FREE right HERE. Nick MacDaniels describes that this song is about a man fumbling aimlessly through a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland hallucinating on peyote. He’s telling himself to just keep moving in order to survive.

Thanks to Olivia for taking the time to tell us what brings her back to ACE Adventure Resort each summer! While in The New River Gorge this June be sure to visit the little town of Fayetteville and stop into The Stache to see Olivia. She has all the ice cream, candy, toys, coffee and more to make you feel like a kid in a candy store!!!

FREE Download – Big Something – Tumbleweed

Path to Mountain Music Festival

What band would not want to add a festival gig to their summer schedule this June? Everyday we receive many emails from bands aspiring to play on the mountaintop stage at ACE Adventure Resort. So many of these acts are super talented so we wanted to open the door and create a path to Mountain Music Festival. This year we will be hosting an official Mountain Music Festival pre-party at The V Club in Huntington, WV on April 29th. We want your band to perform and maybe just maybe get a spot on the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company Lake Stage at MMFest 2017.


Here’s how it works. Starting today we will be accepting electronic press kits (EPK) through the band submission portal on the Contact Us page HERE. If you have submitted your EPK to us before you will need to submit again to be considered for this contest. We will look at band submissions received between February 14th and February 28th to select 15 bands that will be entered into the voting process.
During the month of March these top 15 bands will have the chance to empower their fans to vote for them and progress down the path to Mountain Music Festival. On March 31st the five bands with the most votes will move on to perform at The V Club pre-party on April 29th. If you are submitting your band please keep in mind that this pre-party show will be an unpaid gig. That night we will have tons of festival swag plus we will be doing ticket giveaways and The Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company will be keeping the cold beer flowing. Come out and support your favorite band by voting for them that night in Huntington.


After the show we will open up online voting for two weeks to select the winning band. On May 14th the band with the most votes will be awarded a paid slot to perform during Mountain Music Festival this June 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Here are a few more things to keep in mind if your band is thinking about hitting the path the Mountain Music Festival. Your group must have released an album, demo or some sort of recorded music. You will also need to provide a good quality video of your band performing (not shaking IPhone footage in a dark club). We can’t wait to see what great bands are out there and which one will make it down the path to Mountain Music Festival!

Vote for your favorite bands during the month of March

Visual Artist Lineup

Inspiration is all over Wonderland Mountain at ACE Adventure Resort. Perched on the grassy knoll you will see the colorful and lit up art tent captivating you to explore it. Upon venturing inside you will find the festival scene’s best visual artists showing off their creativity and inspiration. Prepare to be blown away with the friendly, talented artists and what they have created. Many will be painting live and creating new works before your eyes! This is the third year we welcome artists to the mountaintop event and they continue to amaze us each year. We cannot wait to see what these folks will be showing off this June 1st, 2nd & 3rd!


Get a taste of whom you will meet inside the art tent this year at Mountain Music Festival.

Ashton Hill has been the true inspiration for visual artists each year at our festival. She came to us three years ago with the idea of adding art to the event and we couldn’t be happier that our paths have crossed. Each year she puts in tons of work to assemble talented artists, plan an amazing space and of course create some awesome artwork! She does all this before even getting to Wonderland Mountain at ACE Adventure. Talking bout her art she says;
“As a live painter I extend my creative self to the people for entertainment, for intrinsic thought, for your soul to be touched. Journeying from festivals to galleries to events to street performance, my goal is to bring a consciousness of creation to all I encounter. Along the way I vend my craft, interact with the public, and expose my heart and soul through every painting.”


Brian Zickafoose is an award-winning commercial artist, musician and publisher, who specializes in piercing the perimeter of perception, and illuminating the vibrant and divine nature of the human spirit. Although he has a penchant for exploring parallel dimensions, intergalactic adventure and time travel, Brian currently resides deep in the mountains of West Virginia with his wife Jeannine, daughters Daisy, Xia and Zenna, and a polydactyl cat named Butterfly, near the New River Gorge.


A bohemian adventurer sails far, and wide into the vast seas of inner space. From there, he delves into its depths in search of many visual treasures and oddities. Letting the flow of all things take the wheel, Ryan Byrd merges dancing and painting into one. The art takes on a life of its own, and he just becomes the observer. The canvas becomes a door way into the lucid depths of the human imagination. He lets his subconscious mind paint to the rhythm and beats of the music and the high vibe energy in his environment. He keeps layering on paints in shapes and patterns creating levels of depth. Eventually his imagination begins conjuring radically whimsical creatures and creations, built out of the depths of reality, the fractals, and the spirit realm. This is his Psychonautical Voyage.


Check out the Visual Artist Lineup and find out more about all the talented folks who will be getting inspired in the mountains of West Virginia this summer! With acts like Umphrey’s McGee, The Revivalists, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Twiddle and Big Something the good vibrations will certainly be flowing through the paint. You can still save big by getting early bird tickets before Valentines Day when ticket prices will increase. Call us at 1-877-382-5893 to lock in this discounted rate for ONLY $25 with our payment plan. Stay up to date with all the news and announcements by following us on Facebook and be sure to join the Event Page and invite all your art loving friends. The fourth year of MMFest is shaping up to be pretty memorable so start making plans to be on the mountain with us this June. See you soon!

Strange Stage in the Campground

With over 25 bands on the 2017 Mountain Music Festival lineup we are overflowing into the campground. Last year we experimented with our friends at Strange Coffee who have brought their mobile coffee café to the mountain since the beginning of our event. Brian at Strange Coffee wanted to bring music and a stage to his café in the campground. So we welcomed a number of artists who played acoustically and some even led a kazoo orchestra in 2016. This year we have really outdone ourselves finding a beautiful wooden stage that will live in the campground and be forever known as The Strange Stage! As you wake up Friday and Saturday morning be sure to head over to the Strange Stage for morning music and some a Brian’s tasty coffee. Hillbilly Carnival, Matt Mullins & The Bringdowns, Short & Company, William Matheny, Ona and Beauty Mountain Groove Project will all be joining the 2017 lineup!


The Hillbilly Carnival first got together at festival late-night camp fires pick’n and grin’n. They started turning heads and after being noticed they were invited to take their late night shenanigans to the stage. In 2011 they started combining a variety of their favorite tunes from traditional Appalachian old timey, jug band with a bluesy twist they call Freak Folk. With their high-energy crowd participation of kazoos and more, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Once the band starts playing, it’s hard not to pick up your feet to their fun tunes.


Keeping your feet moving Matt Mullins & The Bringdowns create comedic performances and music. By parodying mass media by exaggerating certain formal aspects inherent to our contemporary society, Mullins makes works that can be seen as self-portraits. Sometimes they appear idiosyncratic and quirky, at other times, they seem typical by-products of American superabundance and marketing. His performances are saturated with obviousness, mental inertia, clichés and bad jokes. They question the coerciveness that is derived from the more profound meaning and the superficial aesthetic appearance of an image.


Jeremy Short is a roots guitarist of 15 years, a student of harmony since he could stand beside the piano, and a songwriter fueled by life’s experiences. Now partnering with some of his best friends, Short & Company is out showing off their talents to audiences across Appalachia. Jeremy Short won Huntington’s first Blues Challenge in late 2015, qualifying him to compete in the 2016 International Blues Challenge, where he advanced to the semi-finals and finished top 32. He’s currently out promoting his debut EP, Songs From The Chicken Shack, and skillfully carving himself a homeplace in the ears of each new listener.


William Matheny would best be classed as a songwriter’s songwriter–the kind of composer who gets the melody just right every time, and the kind of lyricist whose turns of phrase bring an involuntary grin. Once you’ve heard his deft songcraft, you might feel cheated that he withheld it so long. The best storytellers often aren’t the ones who have had the wildest experiences; they’re the ones who have experienced things we all have, and can articulate them in a way we haven’t yet figured out ourselves. They give us a new vocabulary for talking about ourselves and our world. That’s the gift William Matheny presents to us.


Ona, West Virginia is a small sliver of unincorporated ridges, creeks, and floodplains. It’s home to one stop light, an Exxon, and a consolidated high school. Driving out its roads, you snake through shadowy hollows past rural suburbia. People’s homes are tucked here and there where the folds of the land permit. A community of private property. Mortgaged acres. You’ll see some trailers. You’ll see some estates. You’ll see a dog with one eye. You’ll see the Beulah Ann Baptist Church. Ona makes songs that take place in these spaces. This five piece rock band creates music that pulses and buzzes and echoes and rolls. It feels like standing with sweat in your eyes in grass up to your knees. It feels like getting your tennis shoes wet walking along the banks of the river. It feels like catching a buzz off a bottle your buddy stole from his brother and skipping school.


Beauty Mountain Groove Project is a local Fayette County band, playing an oddball mix of super sounds of the 70s, funk, R&B, with a little something original thrown in. Frontman Ken Kruger has been playing music at ACE Adventure Resort for over 20+ years and his musical sounds reflect the feelings you get while hiking through the gorge or paddling class V rapids. Take a musical journey with these guys and find your groove!


Early bird tickets are on sale now and available through Valentine’s Day. After February 14th prices will increase so make plans to get yours now. New for 2017 we are offering a payment plan and for only $25 you can lock in early bird rates. Call us today at 877-382-5893 to setup your ticket reservations. Your All Mountain Pass includes music, camping and access to Wonderland Water Park for the Saturday afternoon beach party. There are also a few cabins available if you want to party in style with your own hideaway including hot tub, kitchen and a comfy bed.
We still have tons of cool plans in the works for this summer. Be sure to stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for updates and news. Join the Facebook Event Page and invite all your festy friends for a weekend in the Mountains of West Virginia. Over 25 bands on 4 stages, whitewater rafting, a water park, VIP mountaintop camping, amazing people and beautiful vibes like no festival you have ever been to. We will see you on the mountain this June!

Main Squeeze Joining the Lineup

The Mountain Music Festival lineup for 2017 is pretty incredible already with Umphrey’s McGee, The Revivalists, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Twiddle, Big Something and more slated to hit the mountaintop stage this June 1st, 2nd & 3rd. As we put together this crazy lineup for the fourth year of MMFest at ACE Adventure Resort we decided to add one more band just to throw a cherry on top! We are super excited to announce that The Main Squeeze will be bringing their soul-shattering vocals blended with electrifying guitars, lush synths, and raw energy to the party Friday night.


After forming in 2010 at Indiana University, The Main Squeeze began selling out clubs to frenzied college students in just a few short months. Their captivating live performances have since earned them a devoted national following and even caught the interest of legendary producer, Randy Jackson, who produced their latest album “Mind Your Head.” The dynamic 5-piece is currently based in Los Angeles.
Coming off their Red Rocks debut and a summer filled with festival plays like Kaaboo, Summer Camp, and High Sierra The Squeeze now prepare to release their most potent work to date, a brand new hard-hitting sound that transitions them from the indie scene to the mainstream. They will play along great with other Friday night MMFest artists including Karl Denson and The Revivalists.

the main squeeze

Early bird tickets are on sale now and available through Valentine’s Day. After February 14th prices will increase so make plans to get yours now. New for 2017 we are offering a payment plan and for only $25 you can lock in early bird rates. Call us today at 877-382-5893 to setup your ticket reservations. Your All Mountain Pass includes music, camping and access to Wonderland Water Park for the Saturday afternoon beach party. There are also a few cabins still available if you want to party in style with your own hideaway including hot tub, kitchen and a comfy bed.


We still have tons of cool plans in the works for this summer. Be sure to stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for updates and news. Join the Facebook Event Page and invite all your festy friends for a weekend in the Mountains of West Virginia. Over 25 bands on 4 stages, whitewater rafting, a water park, VIP mountaintop camping, amazing people and beautiful vibes like no festival you have ever been to. We will see you on the mountain this June!

Headliner Announcement

Wonderland Mountain is going to be on fire this June as Mountain Music Festival turns up the volume. We have been teasing you for over a month and now the time has finally come to let you in on our big secret. Headlining the festival and lighting up the mountaintop stage brighter than ever will be the progressive jam band powerhouse Umphrey’s McGee!! Twiddle will also be bringing their eclectic mix of jams to the main stage Saturday night. Topping off the party Friday night get ready for The Revivalists’ jazz funk grooves to fill the mountain air at ACE Adventure Resort.


After 18-plus years of performing more than 100 concerts annually, releasing nine studio albums and selling more than 4.2+ million tracks online, Umphrey’s McGee might be forgiven if they chose to rest on their laurels. But then that wouldn’t be consistent with the work ethic demonstrated by the band, which consistently attempts to raise the bar, setting and achieving new goals since forming on the Notre Dame campus in South Bend, Indiana, in 1997. After releasing their eighth studio album, Similar Skin, the first for their own indie label, Nothing Too Fancy (N2F) Music, the group continues to push the envelope and test the limits. Their latest studio album, The London Session, was a dream come true for the members having been recorded at the legendary Studio Two at historic Abbey Road. The stealth recording session yielded 10 tracks in a single day, proving once again, the prolific UM waits for no one.


Umphrey’s McGee is a touring powerhouse headlining annual shows across the country including Red Rocks Amphitheater and the Beacon Theatre in New York.  Umphrey’s is a constant US festival staple, with performances at major events including Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Electric Forest, and Bonnaroo, as well as international festivals Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) and Byron Bay Blues Festival (Australia).  The band hosts their own festival in Illinois, Summer Camp Music Festival, where they perform three nights, and have hosted the likes of Primus, Janes Addiction, Thievery Corporation, and Willie Nelson, to name a few. Umphrey’s McGee will certainly be bringing their high energy and festival experience center stage to West Virginia’s best festival this June.
Pairing nicely with Umphrey’s on Saturday night is Vermont jam band sensation Twiddle. With roots at Castleton State University, Twiddle began their extensive touring career in 2005. Over a decade later, the foursome has composed an eclectic catalogue spanning three studio albums of originals, in addition to many live releases.  Currently the band is digging in at the studio composing PLUMP Chapter Two, the second half of their acclaimed third album.  Having performed at a multitude of international festivals, Twiddle’s trajectory shows zero sign of slowing.  Look for them to pack prominent theaters along with Mountain Music Festival in 2017, as they truly break through to the next level.


We are super excited for Friday night’s headlining performance from The Revivalists! This seven-piece New Orleans roots-driven rock band logged countless miles on the road, cultivating a high octane live show and a studio presence equally steeped in instrumental virtuosity and charismatic vocal magnetism. Currently the band is touring with their third full-length album, Men Amongst Mountains. As much as it’s the culmination of their work thus far, it opens up a new chapter for the band “The title sums up our collective feeling,” says front man David Shaw. “We started to find ourselves on festival bills with our idols and in front of huge crowds. We thought, ‘We’re amongst these giants, but we’re holding our own.’ We felt like we stood up and met the challenge by simply being who we are as The Revivalists.”
That honesty turned both fans and critics into believers. Upon release, Men Amongst Mountains debuted at #2 on the Billboard Alternative Albums Chart and Top 10 on the iTunes Alternative Albums Chart while quickly racking up nearly 2 million plays on Spotify all through word of mouth. Rolling Stone, NPR, Nylon, and more would sing their praises as they launched a headline tour that sold out dates across the country. It all comes back to the group’s sound though. Whether it’s Ed’s show-stopping pedal steel fireworks, Zack finger-tapping out bluesy licks on his fretboard, or Rob and Michael’s horns adding just the right touch of bombast, Men Amongst Mountains consistently surprises.


Ultimately, The Revivalists are quite far along on their own path now, and there’s no turning back. “All that matters is that the art makes you feel something,” the singer concludes. “I’d love for it to take you away into the mood we felt when the song was actually created. I hope you can feel the general vibe of a song and have it be an escape whether you’re listening to it at home or in the crowd at a show.”
Early bird tickets are on sale now through February 14th so grab yours and save big! Pickup your All Mountain Pass and enjoy over 25 bands on 4 stages plus a VIP car camping experience complete with free showers and ticket to Wonderland Water Park Saturday afternoon. Upgrade to the Epic Weekend Pass and choose between a whitewater rafting or zip line trip while staying in the New River Gorge. Be sure to like us on Facebook and join the Facebook Event Page and stay up to date with all the exciting news and announcements dropping daily. Tell your friends and make plans to be on the mountain this June 1st, 2nd and 3rd!!


Lake Stage Band Announcements

Wake up, ride the free shuttle to the bottom of the mountain, destroy a breakfast buffet, lounge on the beach then splash around in 5 acres of Wipeout style fun all while jamming to live music. This describes your Saturday morning at MMFest, which is unlike any other festival experience under the sun. The Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company Lake Stage will be pumping good vibrations across the lake from the bar deck all day long. Ready your ears and loosen your booty for a freaky funky ride with Dr. Slothclaw on the lake stage this June. Back for their second MMFest appearance is North Carolina jam band Groove Fetish. Also joining the lineup in 2017 will be West Virginia natives, Fletcher’s Grove.


Wonderland Water Park is the centerpiece of ACE Adventure Resort’s 1,500-acre property and everyone’s favorite hangout spot. Featuring over 40 inflatable toys, trampolines, rope swings, zip lines and water slides there is no shortage of entertainment here. Whether your idea of fun is lounging on the white sand beach getting a tan or challenging your friends to a blob contest this is the spot for you. Located directly adjacent to the water park is the Lost Paddle Lounge with a tasty selection of drinks and food. This is where you can find the lake stage along with West Virginia’s best craft beer, Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company. Get Out, Explore, Bring Beer; that is their motto and we are happy to provide the beer! Make sure you get your hands on the the Devil Anse IPA, our personal favorite, while you dance on the deck Saturday afternoon.

wonderland water park

If P-Funk and Zappa had a lovechild it would be Dr. Slothclaw. The PA-based freak funk phenom has been blowing up the live music scene with their funky mix of blues, psychedelic and jam since 2006. While the band points to such groups as Turkuaz, Lettuce, Pink Floyd and Primus as inspiration for their cross-genre sound, they find their home in the traditions of funk and blues. Balancing surprising improvisations with memorable melodies, the band’s music features an eclectic range of sounds and influences, including world percussion, synth leads, exploratory soundscapes, bass breakdowns, and spot-on vocal harmonies. Known for their high energy shows and catchy, inventive lyrics, a Dr. Slothclaw show will not only inspire you to join-in on their legendary mass-audience sing-alongs, but will leave you pumping with adrenaline.


Fletcher’s Grove is known for mixing a fierce rhythmic foundation, dual guitar solos, and an Appalachian tinged mix of genres that makes standing still nearly impossible. By focusing on musical intricacy and creating seamless improvisation, Fletcher’s Grove has captured the imaginations of thousands in the Mountain State and beyond. Fletcher’s Grove has hit the festival season’s hard playing festivals like All Good Music Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival, The Werk Out Music Festival, and Halloween Masquerade Ball to name just a few. Fletcher’s Grove plays over 100 shows and festivals a year, sharing the stage and line-up with bands such as Primus, Yonder Mountain String Band, Umphrey’s McGee, Dark Star Orchestra, Gov’t Mule, Papadosio and number of other talented artist. We are looking forward to see what these guys have in store for Wonderland Mountain!


Groove Fetish is a five-piece band from Wilmington, NC.  Groove Fetish combines driving rhythms, seductive melodies, and incredible solos, with flavors of rock, fusion, funk and progressive. Top that off with soulful lead vocals and powerful harmonies, and you have a sound that defines this band. They will be releasing their first full-length studio album in 2017 while continuing to build a fan base in many markets across the country. MMFest fans got a double dose of these guys in 2016 and made it loud and clear we had to bring them back!

Tickets are on sale now and all multi-day ticket packages include water park passes for the Saturday afternoon beach party. Get your tickets now and save with early bird rates plus you can lock in this discounted rate for only $25 when you sign up for our new payment plan. Be sure to like us on Facebook and join the Event Page to stay up to date with all the news and developments. Headliner announcements are coming your way next week so get ready! Tell your friends and make plans to be on the mountain this June 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

25+ Bands on Four Stages

ACE Adventure Resort is ready to turn up the volume and bring more music to the mountain than ever before! As we gear up for our fourth year of Mountain Music Festival, June 1st, 2nd & 3rd, we are planning to welcome over 25 bands playing on four stages. We are proud to welcome our local walking songbook Clinton Scott back for another year of acoustic music on the big deck. Getting rowdy and keeping the Lost Paddle Lounge alive at night in 2017 The M.F.B. and The Southern Belles will be taking to the stage. We are also excited to bring The Kind Thieves and YumYum Beast to the big mountaintop stage this June.

lost paddle lounge

More bands on more stages, that was what our MMFest fans asked for so we are delivering. The Mountaintop main stage will be doubling in size this winter creating two stages side by side. Now you don’t have to wait 20-30 minutes for bands to switch out on the main stage! If you visited the mountain last year hopefully you got to enjoy the Strange Stage in the campground. We are bringing the Strange Stage back in bigger and better fashion. Stay tuned for news and lineup announcements for the Strange Stage. Don’t forget to stop by the Lost Paddle Lounge, located next to Wonderland Water Park, and try some of West Virginia’s best craft beer, scrumptious food or a tasty cocktail. This year expect to see more bands playing at the bar by the lake and we will be keeping the music going all night!


Clinton Scott has become an ACE staple over the last couple years and our guests truly love his music. You can find Clinton playing his guitar and airing his miraculous voice on the deck at The Lost Paddle Lounge most weekends. He finds his inspiration from various artists in many genres and there are hundreds of songs in his playbook. Catch him playing both Friday and Saturday afternoon and be sure to bring him your requests.
The M.F.B., also no stranger to performing at ACE Adventure, and has been playing shows during Gauley Season for the last few yeas. These guys put on a show like no other!! Be ready for front-man Parry Casto to in your face with his striking wardrobe and dance moves like nothing you have seen before. What separates this band from others is the frenetic explosion of unending energy that exudes from a live performance from THE M.F.B..  A hedonistic crescendo of raw energy and musicianship of THE M.F.B.’s shows spill from stage to dance floor to cultivate impromptu conga lines, dance competitions, and an intense funky insanity that marks the band as insatiable for good times.

the mfb

Saturday night The Southern Belles will be keeping The Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company Lake Stage pumping after sunset. Playing a high-octane mix of funky southern psychedelic Rock & Roll, the Belles perform hundreds of shows and festivals each year. Their ability to instinctively communicate with one another was apparent right from the start, but as they’ve continued to play together this cultured ability has grown exponentially. Their songs are both fun and moving, with lyrical stories evoking familiar emotions and complex musical journeys.
Talking about fun, YumYum Beast brings an energetic fun stage presence that will get your feet stomping the ground. Coming back to MMFest for their second year and being promoted to the big stage is something these guys pretty excited for. They will be bringing their rock and roll mix from across the Pacific Ocean where the band lives and plays in Maui, Hawaii. Their sound is grounded in their mountain roots and influenced by the sounds of New Orleans, Classic and Progressive Rock. Be sure to make your way to the mountaintop festival grounds early Saturday afternoon to catch YumYum Beast opening the main stage.

yumyum beast

Kicking off the main stage Friday afternoon hometown favorite The Kind Thieves will be throwing down their mix of psychedelic bluegrass. A group of six from the heart of Appalachia, The Kind Thieves are unique in the way that they are a chameleon of a musical experience. Transitioning from a bluegrass wildfire to a psychedelic experience, you never know what to expect. Many members being mulit-instrumentalists, the style stays switching up and the jams stay fresh for your listening pleasure! These guys will be bringing banjos, dobros, electric guitars, mandolins, bass guitars, fiddles, acoustic guitars and drums all into the mix. This diverse group of musicians from different musical backgrounds and areas creates a distinct fusion that is hard to define with a label. Want to get lost in a field of jamgrass?
We know you are getting excited for a kick ass weekend this June in the mountains of West Virginia! Early bird tickets are on sale now and don’t forget to lock in these discounted prices for only $25 with our payment plan. Make the most out of your weekend and be sure to make time for an adventure like whitewater rafting, zip lining or paintball. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with everything happening on Wonderland Mountain this winter. Tell your friends and make plans to party with us in The New River Gorge this June 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

MOuntain Music Festival

Saturday Night Jam

Saturday night at Mountain Music Festival is the night to throw down and jam on!! In years past we have seen Lotus, Galactic, Papadosio and more light up the Wonderland Stage for Saturday jam sessions that leave fans begging for more. This year we are not holding back any punches for our final night and we are sure you will be left feeling as though you just woke from a dream. Getting things going for the evening will be the 5-piece jam machine out of Greensboro, North Carolina, The Mantras. And of course it just wouldn’t feel like MMFest if we didn’t include Big Something so they will be taking to the stage after dark on Saturday night too!

Big something-mantras-announcement

The Mantras have been conquering crowds and melting minds all over the country progressively for over a decade. The band’s music can be described with all types of varying rock and roll terminology, but is absolutely best defined by each listener’s ear and, equally important, their experience. The Mantras are a family of rock; the crowd can truly feel their closely-knit bonds while the band performs. This is a critical feature of their community. One can easily tell that the musical pockets created by radical guitar riffs, gut checked bass lines, screeching synthesizers, a complete projection light show and two symbiotic drummers are no accident. The musical conversation on stage is simply beautiful to watch. Each show is a story. Each story is unique.

the mantras

The Mantras have shared the stage with some of the foremost titans of jam. Their most recent studio release, entitled Jam Bands Ruined My Life was recorded at Umphrey’s McGee, axe man Jake Cinninger’s home studio, where Jake is featured on two tracks. Shortly after recording, The Mantras opened for and shared the stage with Umphrey’s McGee members while performing the thumping single entitled, “Kinetic Bump.” In addition, The Mantras have collaborated with members of The String Cheese Incident, Tea Leaf Green, and Perpetual Groove among many others.
These guys also put on their own annual festival, Mantrabash Music and Arts Festival, held in the beautiful backcountry of Ferguson, NC. Mantrabash stands as a testament to the loyalty of the fan base and the engagement of The Mantras within their local, regional, and national music communities. Attended by thousands, Mantrabash has become the landing spot for live music fans from all over the country to enjoy the hard work and dedication of The Mantras in addition to the other stellar musicians who appear over the 3 days.
Big Something is also no stranger to the festival world hosting their own event dubbed The Big What in Mebane, NC over three days in July. In addition to wowing the crowd at their own summer music festival this band relentlessly tours the country fusing elements of rock, pop, funk, and improvisation to take listeners on a journey through a myriad of musical styles. Soaring guitars, synths, horns and alluring vocal hooks rise to the top of their infectious collection of songs and represent a sound that has caught the ears of such revered Summer circuit stalwarts as Galactic, moe., Robert Randolph, and even The B52s who have all tapped Big Something as direct support.

Big Something press shot

The group’s latest full-length studio album, Truth Serum, is a great snapshot of the magic the band is capable of creating on stage. The album was named 2014 Album of the Year by The Homegrown Music Network, which makes Big Something the only band ever to win this award 3 times with 3 different releases (2010, 2013, and 2014). Truth Serum is available to stream for free in its entirety HERE on BandCamp. The band’s fourth studio album titled Tumbleweed is due out this February and has fans excited to hear what the band has been up to. Frontman Nick MacDaniels talked with Live For Live Music about the new album; “Tumbleweed is a post apocalyptic desert trip. It’s a little darker and heavier in tone and subject matter than our previous albums, but there are also a few bright spots and upbeat moments too. With all eight tracks having been ‘road tested’ for the past couple years, it’s a really nice snapshot of our sound and catalogue.” You can preview the title track from the new album by checking out the full article.
Big Something has been a part of MMFest every year since our start in 2014. Fans have gone whitewater rafting with the band, played kickball with these guys and even raged till 3:30 in the morning the night they kept playing with Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band. We are proud to have them back on the big stage this year and we can’t wait to tell you who else they will be sharing the stage with!

Big Something Rafting

These two bands will certainly be bringing high energy and powerful jams to the mountaintop on Saturday night. This is just the beginning; wait until we reveal the headliner for Saturday night. Then you will realize this festival is about to blow up in 2017! Don’t miss out on your chance to get the best deal on ticket packages with early bird deals going on right now. You can even lock in early bird pricing for only $25 with our payment plan. Single day Saturday night tickets are also available at a discounted early bird rate. Be sure to like us on Facebook and join the Event Page to stay up to date on all the latest MMFest news. Tell your friends and make plans to party in the New River Gorge this June 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Friday Night Lineup Announcement

Wonderland Mountain at ACE Adventure Resort comes alive the first weekend of June. Each year in the early summer a couple thousand beautiful people make their way into the New River Gorge of West Virginia for the best weekend of the season. Camping in a beautiful grass field dotted with small trees and your best friends. Then throw in an insane inflatable water park, some adrenaline pumping adventures and oh yeah… your favorite music!!! This year we are super excited to add Tyler Childers, and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe to the 2017 Mountain Music Festival lineup. That’s our recipe for a great time you won’t soon forget.


As we add more bands to the lineup mix this recipe is shaping up to be quite tasty. Sticking to our Americana roots on Friday night we found the finest songwriter to emerge from the Bluegrass State in recent memory. Tyler Childers is turning heads in the Appalachian music scene and should be mentioned in the same breath as Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton. People are talking about this up and coming musician who’s music has a kind of down home back porch feel accompanied by Tyler’s whisky soaked voice. His hometown, Paintsville is located in the Big Sandy River Valley of Johnson County in Eastern Kentucky made famous for its lawlessness, religion, and booze, and a song about a horse thief, a rambling man, and an attempt to gain some good ol’ Appalachian self-justice. Following his “Papaw” around to the Kentucky social institutions – church events and barber shops to name a few– as well as a lot of coon hunting with his dad, Tyler has heard a tale or two about the misadventures of a few good ol’ boys and he gives his own spin of these accounts in his music.


Topping things off Friday night will be jazz funk powerhouse Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. Karl Denson is back in action this summer and will be giving fans the chance to experience what is highly regarded as one of the best live bands on the planet. Karl, who now serves as the saxophonist in The Rolling Stones, is fresh off a tour with the legendary rock band that included the highest grossing concert festival of all time, Desert Trip. With KDTU, he’ll be showcasing material from his forthcoming studio album, due in early 2017, as well as previous acclaimed KDTU recordings like ‘New Ammo’ and ‘Brother’s Keeper.’ Audiences can also expect a handful of KDTU’s super-charged covers by the likes of Prince, The White Stripes and Beastie Boys. The current KDTU touring lineup is comprised of Richmond guitarist DJ Williams, Soulive drummer Alan Evans, Greyboy Allstars bassist Chris Stillwell, Crush Effects keyboardist David Veith, Seattle trumpeter Chris Littlefield and ace slide and lap steel guitarist Seth Freeman.

Karl Densons Tiny Universe

We know you are getting excited for what’s shaping up to be the biggest MMFest ever! Only a limited number of early bird tickets are available so grab yours and save. Don’t forget about our payment plan where you can lock in early bird pricing for only $25. With all that money you are saving now you will be able to jump on a whitewater rafting trip with some of your favorite musicians or fly through the trees with your besties on a zip line trip. Get your friends together and make plans to be in West Virginia June 1st, 2nd & 3rd this summer!


Thursday Pre Party Announcement

We hope you are ready for an incredible long weekend because we are kicking things off with a pre-party at the Lost Paddle Lounge Thursday night again in 2017. Get to the mountain early, find the best campsites and get down with the core of the MMFest family. This year Pittsburgh rock and soul band The Commonheart will be kicking off the music on the big deck. Get ready for this up and coming band to blow you away with their rock riffs, gritty vocals and a screaming organ. But wait there’s more! Spiritual Rez will be pumping their reggae mix into the mountain air late into the night so don’t miss out on Thursday night.

pre-party lineup announcement

The Lost Paddle Lounge is a perfect place to meet your friends as they arrive for the weekend. ACE Adventure Resort’s bar/restaurant is located directly next to the Welcome Center and Wonderland Water Park so good drinks and tasty food is never far away. Newly remodeled in 2016 the Lost Paddle features a huge new bar, big screen TVs, pool tables and a 1,500 square foot covered deck. If you want some of the best craft beer in West Virginia be sure to ask for Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company’s Devil Anse IPA.


The drinks will be flowing Thursday night as The Commonheart takes the stage to kick off MMFest 2017 with a bang. This band is configured of up and coming musicians from the Pittsburgh area. Grown, their first full-length album by this 10-piece Rock and Soul band, came together to create a soulful sound for music lovers. This band delivers rock ‘n’ roll with a heavy soul influence. They are a true testament to the past, echoing the influence of rock n roll and soul music’s history. Front man Clinton Clegg finds his influences from B.B. King, Otis Redding, Bobby Blue Bland and Sam Cooke to name a few. “The shear musical power and joy their show exudes stays with you long after it’s over. Easily one of the most dynamic bands in the country…” says Pittsburgh radio personality Randy Baumann.


Spiritual Rez will be returning to the Mountain Music Festival stage after performing at the inaugural event in 2014. Their reggae dance experience is an unabashed display of musical virtuosity. When paired with a deep, sub-sonic groove and powerful heart felt vocalization; crowds are left dancing and screaming for more. Over the past 8 years, these six men have relentlessly toured the country to share their music and appreciation of the arts. Rooted in rock, reggae, and funk; their diversity exemplifies their love and desire to put on a live experience that will not only cut to your core, but also ignite the inner flame that exists in us all. A constant festival favorite, The Rez can shake a stage like a psychedelic dance earthquake. Evoking their personal power animals, they fearlessly forge into the musically unknown, creating a masterpiece every performance. It’s this power, this creative desire, that has fans traveling across the nation to experience this raw and intoxicating display of musical bliss.


So why party for two nights when you could make it three? With your 3-day pass you get more music out of your weekend plus by showing up Thursday you can pretty much guarantee you get the best camping spots! While everyone else is setting up camp Friday you will be chillin in the sun at Wonderland Water Park, exploring the 35+ miles of trails or jump on an afternoon zip trip to get you going. A limited amount of early bird tickets are on sale now and you could save millions of dollars!! We have more surprises for you so stay tuned and be sure to Join the Facebook event for news and updates if you don’t want to miss anything. We can’t wait to see you in June 🙂

5 Reasons Mountain Music Festival is West Virginia’s Best Festival


There are a lot of incredible festivals out there every year and we know most folks can only pick a few to attend. When we set out to create Mountain Music Festival we wanted it to be the best music festival in West Virginia! Over the last 3 years of producing the event we have made a lot of friends and inspired many to join us on Wonderland Mountain at ACE Adventure Resort every June. These are just a few of the highlights that make MMFest stand out above the rest!


Mountaintop Festival Grounds
The stage and festival grounds for Mountain Music Festival sit atop Wonderland Mountain making for a serene outdoor experience. ACE Adventure Resort actually sits on property that was used extensively to mine coal. Every type of coal mining imaginable from underground, strip and mountaintop removal has occurred on our property over the last 100 years. This fact is the reason our mountaintop is totally flat. You are camping in the mountains but on flat beautiful ground! Inside the mountaintop festival grounds you will find not only your favorite music but inspiring artists, tasty food, delicious beer and creative vendors to keep you entertained all weekend.


Best Festival Campground Ever
Camp in comfort with ACE in the mountaintop campground and be part of the festival family. This beautiful field dotted with shade trees is situated directly next to the main stage and festival grounds so you are never far from the show. Spread out amongst the campground you will find many fire pits for you to keep the bonfires going early into the morning. One of the biggest perks of camping in mountaintop campground is the bathrooms and shower houses. The days of porta potty living and over priced under pressurized showers are no more! At Mountain Music Festival you will find individual private bathrooms with real flushable toilets and free showers.
Upgrade to one of the festival cabin tents and kick it in your safari style tent right next to the festival grounds for the weekend. If camping isn’t your thing that’s okay, choose between over 60 cabins complete with beds, kitchens, bathrooms and hot tubs. With over 1,500 acres you can bet these cabins are spread out to give you ultimate privacy. When you are ready to head to the festival grounds just hop on one of the free shuttles to get you around the property.

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Adventure Activities
ACE Adventure Resort has been leading the outdoor adventure industry in the New River Gorge for over 35 years now. Whitewater rafting is the most popular activity and guests get to jump in a boat with a professional guide and paddle the east coast’s biggest rapids. Floating through one of the oldest river canyons in the world you will be amazed at your guide’s stories ranging from local history, hilarious jokes to tall tales of past trips in the gorge. And don’t be surprised if that same river guide is dancing under the stars with you that night! Be sure to take part in all the adrenaline pumping activities like zip lining, rock climbing, mountain biking and more. Stay tuned to find out which bands and artists will be participating in adventure activities with you this summer.

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Wonderland Water Park
A 5-acre lake packed tight with inflatable toys, slides and ropes swings bring to mind images from the TV show Wipeout. Everyone loves splashing around in the lake, bouncing on the trampolines and blobbing their friends. Don’t know what the Blob is? Well you are in for a treat when this giant airbag launches you into the air after your partner jumps onto the other end from atop a steel tower. Get ready to fly, flip, spin and twist before you splashdown into the water. Aside from the inflatable bouncy fun the water park offers climbing walls, a zip line and giant water slides down the mountainside. Saturday afternoon get down in the sand with the MMFest Beach Party as music from the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company Lake Stage fills the air. Be sure not to wear yourself out on the lake because the sun hasn’t even gone down yet!


The People
“The vibes and friendliness of everyone at this festival are awesome.”

“Great festival, great lineup, awesome venue and best of all the coolest, friendliest and most laid back staff of any festival I’ve been to!”

“Excellent, kind staff, incredible musicians and lineup, great crowd and vibes. I can’t say enough positive things about the Fayetteville area & the kind folks in WV who make this such a special event.”

We hear it again and again the people are great, the staff was so nice, the vibe was amazing and that puts a huge smile on our face!! I came to West Virginia 9 years ago and the friendly and incredible people are what made me stay. Everyone makes you feel right at home and wants you to have the best experience possible. As you explore the mountain you will surely make new friends and find yourself amongst a community of energetic fun loving spirits. Be sure to bring your good vibes to Wonderland Mountain in 2017 and be part of our festival family!

Get Ready for 2017

Tickets are now on sale for the biggest and best year of Mountain Music Festival yet! Going into our fourth year we have learned a lot about putting on a music festival and anyone who has been here can tell you ACE Adventure Resort knows how to have fun and throw a party. We have been hard at work since last June curating the perfect lineup while also brainstorming ways to make Wonderland Mountain the best outdoor venue for a music festival. Mark your calendar and tell your friends, June 1st, 2nd & 3rd you will be in the New River Gorge.campground-truck-logo
Once again Mountain Music Festival will be three days in 2017. We will be kicking things off on the huge deck of the Lost Paddle Lounge with our pre-party Thursday night. Only a limited number of tickets will be sold for the pre-party so don’t miss out! Arriving on Thursday, Wednesday or even Tuesday will give you extra time to enjoy the 1,500 acres of private property at ACE Adventure Resort. Grab a paddle and hit the river for some of the best whitewater rafting in the world, fly through the trees on a zip line adventure or settle the score with your buddies on the paintball field. There is a lot to do at ACE and in the New River Gorge so make sure you get plenty of rest before you come.

Once you are here plan on your festival vacation being top notch with private bathrooms and shower houses spread throughout the campground keeping you super clean (no sweating it out in a hot dirty porta potty). ACE also offers over 60 cabins where you can throw an after party complete with your own hot tub! Stay well fed with mouth-watering menu options at Woody’s Smokehouse and The Lost Paddle Lounge. You will definitely want to bring your appetite Saturday night for the pig roast buffet. Once refueled you will be ready to shake your booty all night!
Friday and Saturday night we will be firing up the big stage and the mountaintop festival grounds for the best two nights of music in West Virginia all year! It is super tough keeping this awesome lineup a secret but I promise you will be amazed. Stay tuned for lineup announcements starting December 6th. Of course we are bringing back our group of talented artists spreading their inspiration in the art tent as well as a huge selections of food, crafts and gear on vendor row.

New for 2017 you will notice the big mountaintop stage has doubled in size. This will give us two stages side by side that will keep the music flowing all night long! And since we have more stage space, expect to see more bands and expect them to start playing earlier in the afternoon and later into the night. For those of you that stomped to the beat in the mud last year you will be happy to know we upgraded the viewing area in front of the stage with a more solid base and beautiful grass. Wonderland Waterpark continues to expand with new inflatable toys and a waterslides launching people off the mountain. This is just the beginning, we have all kinds of plans for June and some super surprises planned too.

Tickets for Mountain Music Festival 2017 are on sale now. Get your tickets now and save big with early bird pricing. We have only a limited number of early bird tickets and once they are gone they’re gone! Also new for 2017 we are introducing a payment plan where you can lock in your early bird ticket with only a $25 deposit. Call us at 800-787-3982 to setup your payment plan or get your tickets online from our brand spankin’ new website. Be sure to like us on Facebook and stay tuned for more updates and announcements. See you on the mountain this summer!bus_sticker_color_v4