When we decided to create a musical festival, our intentions were pretty simple

We really like outdoor adventures, and we really like music, so we wanted to create a weekend where we could do both at the same time. This became the Mountain Music Festival, and probably the best weekend of the summer in West Virginia (or at least our favorite).The stage sits right in the middle of ACE Adventure Resort, a 1,500-acre outdoor adventure property in the heart of the New River Gorge, WV. This way, festival attendees are always close to the gorge’s best outdoor activities, ranging from the country’s best white water rafting, to rock climbing, to world-class mountain biking, and basically anything in between. Not to mention, the kind of comfortable cabins and nice bathrooms/showers that you’ll find on an established campground like ACE. And because of the simple ethos behind the festival, you’ll be surrounded by a community of like-minded outdoor adventures who don’t mind a little moonshine with their music, or the other way around.

2014 was our inaugural year, and it was a big hit. We kicked it up a notch the last two years and had even more fun. Ever since the show ended (or rather, after we made up for all the sleep we DIDN’T get that first weekend in June), we’ve been working hard and looking forward to our third year – with new and old friends who love the Appalachian Mountains and its soundtrack as much as we do.

See you all soon.

Jerry Cook and Ernie Kincaid
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Mountain Music Festival is an annual celebration of the best outdoor adventures West Virginia offers with some of our favorite live music to match. Situated on a 1,500 acre outdoor adventure resort outside of Fayetteville WV, Mountain Music Festival brings the spirit of Appalachia to life through its two greatest exports – music and wilderness.

So come party in the mountains, the West Virginia way.


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June 1 -3, 2017 New river gorge, wv